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Wanted: Boston Terrier puppy

My dog died a couple of months ago. After almost 6 yrs of being with us, I guess she’s had enough and left us for good. For a while I thought I was ok… then a few days ago I realized how much I miss having a doggie to play with and talk with and just know that he/she is there, always happy to see me. I even got teary eyed when I heard Chico and Del talking about a dog being man’s true friend (etc..). That’s when I decided to look for another pet dog. And so the search begins…

My requirements are quite few really… a dog who’ll be good with kids is a must since I have a 2-yr old niece, should be highly trainable, short-haired, and small to medium sized. I initially thought of a beagle, but I think they may be a handful for us. Then I thought of a pug, but they may be too lazy for us and I learned that they shed heavily which is something I’m trying to avoid since my dad is asthmatic. After careful considerations, I decided to get a boston terrier instead. One, because (based on what I heard so far) they are good with kids. Two, because I think their temperament is nearer my own and that of the rest of our family. Three, they are just about the right size for our house. And lastly, they seem to require less time to train compares with either a pug or a beagle.

Part one… choose the right breed… CHECK!

Part two… look for a responsible breeder… on-going…

Part three… arm myself with the things I’ll need to be a responsible pet owner (read books on how to raise puppies, make our house puppy friendly, buy puppy essentials, etc.)… on-going…

Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll have a new 4-legged friend before the year ends. 🙂

Boston Terrier



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