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Dinner @ Leslie’s Tagaytay

It was a rainy Monday (All Saint’s Day) but despite the gloomy weather we still went to the cemetery to visit our dead relatives. It ended up as a mini reunion for all the aunties/uncles, cousins, in-laws.

After lunch I went ahead then met up with my boyfie and a friend to go to Tagaytay. And what a road trip it ended up to be.

It was rainy and gloomy and, when we got there, it was foggy too. On our way, we actually got lost… Some roads were closed due to congestion of people going to the cemeteries, so traffic was re-routed. Unfortunately for us, we where not very familiar with the streets and we ended up miles (literally) from where we wanted to originally go.

So after being rained upon and getting lost… we finally got to our destination… Leslie’s! We took pictures around the place before it got too dark (not shown here) and also pictures of what we ate (shown below).

Food for the night included sizzling garlic mushroom (appetizer – top right), Bulalo (main dish – bottom right), and steamed rice (bottom right)… drinks for me is buko juice (bottom left). I love-love-love their Bulalo (beef, bone marrow and vegetable soup)!!! Just thinking about it now makes my mouth water. *sigh*

We planned on passing by Starbucks after dinner, but we were too full even for coffee so we ended up going straight home instead. It being the end of a 3-day weekend, we thought it traffic going back to the city will be hell… but we were pleasantly surprised that traffic was actually light.

Good food, good company, cold weather and Bulalo… Going to Leslie’s Tagaytay was the perfect ending for our 3-day weekend. 🙂



One thought on “Dinner @ Leslie’s Tagaytay

  1. Thanks to you and your boyfie! I’ve got to experience the Bulalo. As I have told you, the last time I went there, I got to try the Crispy Kangkong which we did not order since you warned me about the Bulalo-thing. And indeed was a satisfying one, no need for another dish for us who have a small appetite.

    And to note, this is my month. a start to my month-long birthday celebration.

    Thanks again!!! It was fun! I had FUN!!! 

    Posted by jez | November 12, 2010, 1:38 pm

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