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Happy (work)Place

I just read this article… America’s Happiest Companies

One word… WOW!

Although the ultimate goal for all companies is to increase their income… some just seem to take a better path than most.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the thought that rendering overtime or (gasp!) overstaying (OT without pay/OT-y) is not the way to gauge productivity. But sadly, a lot of bosses think otherwise. Take my previous employer as an example. I see my co-workers staying 2-3 hrs after our shift ends, doing work related stuffs, but when I ask if they file for OT pay they said “NO” because most of the time it gets disapproved. I found this unacceptable so I had a talked with my manager and his reply was… he sees employees who render overtime or (more importantly) who overstays as being industrious individuals. I was beyond disbelief! I avoid rendering OT, let alone overstay in the office, so… despite finishing my tasks on time… does that make me lazy and unproductive?!?!?! Come on… what kind of thinking is that! An unreasonable one I tell you! And sadly there are a lot who thinks the same way he does. *sigh*

I’m not being bitter of anything. I just agree that well compensated employees equates to happy employees therefore they are more innovative and productive at work. While overworked, underpaid employees equates to bitter employees and that is counter-productive.

I’m lucky that the company I work in now is more flexible, provides better compensation, and (as a bonus) my co-workers are a joy to work with. I guess it’s safe to say I’m content. How about you… how are you in your workplace? I hope you’re happy there.



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