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Night Out @ Araneta Center

Me and boyfie went to Araneta Center Cubao for a little monthsery celebration and I was excited to see the Christmas decors there. It’s a little sad that the COD animated display has been moved to Greenhills but the giant Christmas tree is still there and it’s something no one can miss seeing (it being really BIG).

Here are a few pictures from my phone (pardon the blurriness):

After shopping for a few things at SM, we had dinner at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island (Araneta Center).

Blackbeard's Seafood Island

I’ve been craving for crabs since last week and it was finally satisfied with last night’s dinner! We got the Singaporean Crab and Lechon Kawali Pinakbet plus 1 cup garlic rice for boyfie (no rice for me).

Lechon Kawali Pinakbet, Singaporean Crab and Iced Tea

The crab was The Bomb! It was huge and freakin’ meaty and the flavoring was just the right mix of salty and spicy. For me, eating crabs is a little bitter sweet with a sprinkling of anticipation on the side. After going through all the anticipation and hard work of cracking open the shells and digging into them to get to the white meat, in less than 5 minutes all of it will be gone, happily going down to your stomach cavity.

The pinakbet would’ve been great if not for the obviously 1/4 cooked ampalaya (bitter melon). I guess it was supposed to be half-cooked but it sure felt and tasted almost uncooked so I’d say 1/4 cooked instead. The saving grace came from the the lechon kawali itself. One word… WOW! It was deep fried in a way that it was crunchy but not too hard as to hurt your gums as you chew on it and I did enjoy this dish despite the too bitter and tough ampalaya.

Now that my crab craving is over and done with… I want some other Filipino food (like Kare-kare or Krispy Pata)! Hmmm… where o where do we eat next??? 🙂



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