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Dining @ Bistro Ravioli MOA

Last Saturday we went to SMX MOA for the Transport Show. No pictures from me cause boyfie took the camera and took photos himself. I just ended up with aching feet and a splitting nasty headache. We got there at around 1pm and by 4pm I was in the coffee shop outside the exhibit area, nursing my headache with a cup of brewed coffee.

We left SMX at a little before 6pm and after boyfie had his haircut, we ate dinner at Bistro Ravioli.

Bistro Ravioli

What did we order? We tried the pizza frita with salsa for our appetizer and 3 cheese ravioli for the main course.

Pizza Frita with Salsa

3 Cheese Ravioli

And we had red and lemon iced tea for our beverages.

Red and Lemon Iced Tea

Food was amazing! The pizza frita was nicely done, crunchy and chewy at the same time (go figure). We tried the salsa dip and we thought it complements the pizza frita real well. I was a bit apprehensive of the ravioli at first cause I’ve tried ravioli from other restaurants and it never satisfied my taste. But all my worries were appeased on the first bite. I loved the texture of the pasta (which is made from scratch everyday… wow!) and the red sauce was tasty without overpowering the cheese fillings. I thought the buttered bread (on the side) looked bland and when I tried a bite, I wasn’t wrong at all. But since all the other dishes we had was great, I’ll just let that one slide. Lastly, the iced tea (lemon for me) was a bit too sweet for my taste at first but after eating a while then taking a sip again, I thought it wasn’t as sweet anymore.

All in all, we were really happy that we tried this resto. The food was worth the Php 400+ bill we had and I know I’ll try some other dish in their menu next time we go there. Talk about carb overload! 🙂



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