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Dinner @ Pan de Amerikana

Despite the three-day weekend, it’s been a pretty slow weekend for me. Did the laundry on Saturday then attended a birthday party on a Sunday (what’s the surest way to feel your age? attend the 7th birthday party of your friend’s daughter!). Monday found me at Greenhills scouring for my x-mas party (hippie) costume. It took me 5hrs to finally find what I was looking for but at least I didn’t go away empty handed. I was supposed to jog around Ayala Triangle but I was too tired and I had that splitting headache again so we decided to eat dinner then go home instead.

We had dinner at Pan de Amerikana along Katipunan Ave QC. They claim that this branch of theirs is FIRST and only UPSIDE DOWN RESTAURANT in SOUTHEAST ASIA.

Pan de Amerikana Katipunan Ave QC

The ambiance was great, I felt like Alice entering an upside down wonderland. The ceiling near the stage was decorated with upside down chairs and tables, plant ornaments and even a grand piano. I went to the ladie’s comfort room and found the design really interesting that I plan on using that same concept in my future house. The door was wood with stained class panels and for the walls, instead of using conventional tiles, they used teacup saucers and tea kettle tops (those are the ones I can identify). There’s even this small statue of an ethnic guy that turns out to be a tissue paper holder (the tissue comes out from it’s mouth). Outside, the 3 washbasins have their own tapayan (earthen knee-tall jar used for storing water for washing) each and one was waist height for the little kids! A very thoughtful concept.

We’ve already tried their breakfast in their Marikina branch and now we’re trying their dinner menu. I had palabok and calamansi juice, boyfie had rice and Ilocano sarabasab (something that tastes like kilawin). Also, we shared a dish of deep-fried mushrooms.

Some pictures from my phone:

We loved the deep-fried mushrooms, it looked like chicharon bulaklak minus the cholesterol. It was served with tartar sauce but we preferred to dip it in the vinegar used in the sarabasab dish. The palabok was average. Maybe it’s just me but I honestly like Jollibee’s version better. It was not tasty or saucy enough for me. Boyfie liked the sarabasab but then he’s really just easy to please.

I have to say that I enjoyed the food I tried during our breakfast there than the ones we had this time. Nevertheless, eating at Pan de Amerikana is always a pleasure. From the smiling and courteous staff to their very pinoy food to the homey feel of the place… Pure Filipino eating experience for me.



2 thoughts on “Dinner @ Pan de Amerikana

  1. Is this restaurant found infront of the Ateneo?

    Posted by Jess | December 11, 2010, 2:02 am

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