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Dinner @ Cyma Eastwood

Me and boyfie went to Eastwood QC last Saturday just for a night out. Traffic going there was horrible so we decided to stay there till after 10pm to let the really heavy congestion pass but alas, we were wrong to think that.

Anyway… before we had to do battle with traffic on the streets, we went around Eastwood to see their Christmas decors. Not much really, just a giant Christmas tree, palm trees wrapped like candy canes, and some giant candies inside Eastwood Mall. There’s also this man situated along the path way as a statue holding a signage for the Christmas Village. He looked like a real statue and some kids actually get scared when he moves.

After a little bit of strolling we had dinner at Cyma (Eastwood Mall).


We ordered Melitzanosalata for Mezedes (starters):



A half slab of Cyma Baby Back Ribs for main course:


Cyma Baby Back Ribs (half slab)

Cyma Baby Back Ribs (half slab)

And bottomless House Iced Tea for our drinks:

House Iced Tea

Honest opinion… For 1k++ I’ve had better meals. Let’s start with the Melitzanosalata. I did not really like the combination of freshly roasted eggplant, tomatoes, garlic and fresh lemon. Maybe I’m not cultured enough but it tasted weird to me. Meanwhile, the Cyma Baby Back Ribs was a surprise. Their half slab is equivalent to a full slab in other restaurants! We even confirmed with the waiter if they served us the correct plate. We squeezed the lemons on the ribs and the salty (from the ribs sauce)/sour (from the lemon) taste was a delight. Unfortunately, the ribs we got was not tender at all. I’m not a big fan of red meat cause I tend to be lazy when I chew my food and eating the ribs that night was not a joy for me. Nevertheless, boyfie enjoyed eating away his share (and my share) of ribs. The potatoes perfectly complements the ribs and I was all too glad to just eat that and give the rest of my ribs to boyfie. Lastly, their house iced tea was the highlight on my side of the table. I wasn’t able to enjoy the appetizer and main course too much but the iced tea was a saving grace. It has that special aftertaste that seems to be a bit fruity to me.

Did I enjoy my dinner? Company aside (who happens to be boyfie), I actually did. The appetizer was not that appetizing but the pita bread was enough for me. The ribs, at least those parts that I did get to eat, was really tasty. And the iced tea was really good. Let’s just say that the next time I eat there, I’ll be trying their chicken Souvlakia Souvlaki (small pieces of grilled meat on the skewer served with warm pita bread and yogurt garlic sauce) instead. That caught my interest since it seems to be closer to kebabs and it’s white meat (white meat = more tender than red meat).



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