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I want this!

It’s been a while since I lost my phone (*sniff*) and although I’m still a bit apprehensive, I have to admit that I do need to buy a new one soon. My current phone is acting up already. The back panel (covering the battery) sometimes come off on its own, the casing is damaged and missing some parts, paint is peeling off, and more importantly, the keypads sometimes refuse to cooperate and provide the correct character (which is a real bummer). The aesthetics I can let pass, but the keypad thing is really killing me. I’ll compose a text message then find out that the letters are jumbled up so I have to redo the typing again. What a headache!

Although I still consider the iPhone as cut above the rest, I think I’ll pass on it and get an android powered phone instead. I’m not biased or anything, it’s just that I already had an iPhone before (remember the lost phone… yeah, this was it) and I did enjoy using it, now I want to see how an android phone works.

I looked around and the one that caught my eyes is this baby:

Samsung Galaxy S

Funny that it reminds me of the iPhone but the sleek design is something I’m adoring. I’m a sucker for well designed, aesthetically appealing phones (something I really loved about the iPhone) and this one takes the cake for me. It’s retailing for a little over Php 30K but with the features and technology it posses, I think it’s worth it. See here for full phone specification.

Dunno yet when I’m going to buy. Maybe just before my birthday, which is pretty near already (on April). Now all I have to do is save up for it. 🙂



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