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Am I Just Dreaming

It disturbs me that compared to other people, I seem to view life in either an optimistic way, happy-go-lucky way, or through rose-colored glasses. It paints me as someone who’s content with what life brings, someone who doesn’t have dreams, who doesn’t care what comes her way. But that’s just wrong!

I do have dreams I want to achieve. My short term goal includes having a place I can call my own (that’s why my goal for 2011 is to save enough for a condo unit down payment) and a car to transport me around. Doesn’t that prove that I do have something to work for?

I don’t earn a king’s ransom and whatever I earn part of it goes to my savings for my ongoing education (taking up master’s degree), part goes to insurance payment, part goes to my allowance, and whatever is left will be my savings. I’m thinking, with a little money management I can achieve my short term goals before 2012 end (within two years). Is that too much like an unreachable dream? Am I not realistic enough with my expectations? Who doesn’t want a high paying job… But what I have now is enough for me. When has it been wrong to appreciate and work with what I have? I may not be earning a 6-digit salary but I like what I do now, I get along really well with my co-workers, I buy what I need and what I want. For now, what more do I need?



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