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Water Runs Dry

The weekend was a bit weird for me. Friday was our team’s x-mas party so I got home at around 11:30pm. That night, my 1yr 10mos-old niece slept beside me and at 3am she woke up crying. I had to lull her back to sleep for 30mins, standing up while rocking her back and forth. To make the long story short, I only got to sleep after an hour… Therefore it was around 4am by then. My day started real early… 6:30am, I was up cause we had to take care of some legal matters at 7am. That took about 2hrs to finish… 11am, we were real busy at home preparing for the children’s x-mas party we were hosting… 3pm, off to SM Makati. Walked around for 3hrs looking for a pair of jeans. Over the moon cause I did find a pair I love… 8:30pm, boyfie and me had dinner… 10pm, finally went home.

Now come Sunday, from sleeping at 11pm the previous night, I had to wake up at 8am to do the laundry. Man, I was cranky already from 2 nights lack of sleep. With one thing and another, it was a tiring day for  me. That night, I decided to go jogging. Then all my crankiness came out.

The past two paragraphs serves as my intro… Now here’s the thing. Lately I’ve been feeling off about something in my relationship with boyfie. And last Sunday was real hard for me, physically at least, and it seems that I can’t put up with anything more. Out of nowhere, I was suddenly enveloped with sadness thinking on how things have changed too much. I was sad beyond anything. I was jogging around Ayala Triangle and I wanted to cry big fat tears. During our dinner I decided to tell boyfie how I was feeling. It wasn’t a good feeling at all. I wasn’t mad, I was sad that things are going this way. After dinner I had an hour wait before we can go home so I stayed in Starbucks. I was listening to the radio and then “Water Runs Dry” (by Boys 2 Men) was playing. Nice, is this the soundtrack of my life now?

On the way home I was quiet, I didn’t have anything to say, I didn’t want to do even small talk. I was tired… Emotionally, physically. When we got to my house, boyfie wanted to know what I was thinking (I was uncharacteristically quiet) and I just told him that I can’t talk now cause I don’t want to cry. But then I still ended up crying! O well, it’s been a roller coaster weekend and I’m tired. I really am. *sigh*



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