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Happy 2011!!!

2010 was a year full of suprises. I changed companies, went on a long travel with only my boyfie and sister as companions, earned 90% more than I previously did, bought an iPhone and lost it within 3mos, started school (masteral degree) and passed my subjects, forced to study classic asp for work, and bought a new phone before the year ended. 2010 memories comes in both good and bad flavors but, being the eternal optimist that I am, any negative thing I encountered have been sit upon, processed and discarded. More than once it felt like being strapped in a rollercoaster that’s running at full speed through a thunder storm and I enjoyed it. Go figure! But hey, for all the joys, the pains, the blessings and the unfulfilled dreams… It was fun while it lasts and now that it has ended, I’m letting it go with a smile.

It’s 2011.. I’ll be turning 30 in a few months so I guess now, more than any other, is a good time for me to start “fully living” my life. To help me keep tab of the experiences I’ll go through, I decided to make a 365 picture diary. Yes I know, not original at all, but doing this will help me create a memory box of sort for the year I turned 30.

Now that the year is gearing up to take me for a ride, I refuse to just be a passenger of life. I will be proactive and get the most of what I can from whatever I experience. Be it good or bad, I choose to learn and to grow and hopefully by this time next year my post will be once again filled with hope.



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