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365 Project: Adjustment Bureau

Adjustment Bureau

March 3, 2011

I was fortunate enough to score invites for the Monster Movie Premier (c/o RX 93.1) of Adjustment Bureau last night. It was touted as being a cross between Bourne Series and Inception and since I loved both movies I naturally had high expectations for this movie as well but, unfortunately, it fell kinda short. Things happened pretty fast and the few answers they gave only led me to ask more questions.

The premise they presented was simple enough. Prior to our birth, we all have a destiny to fulfill. Despite the constant “danger” of chance getting in the way, we have to follow a strict path leading us to that predestined end. This is where the agents from the adjustment bureau comes in. They are the ones in charge of keeping us in the “straight and narrow” paths of our lives. As seen in the movie, they seem to possess unnatural powers and they have access to these freakin doors that leads to everywhere. They steer (sometimes none too gently) events, thoughts, decisions to cause a specific event to occur that will right the wrong previously done by a person which will, therefore, lead him/her back to the right path. So what about free will you ask? Screw that. According to the movie, it’s just an illusion cause given free reign of our lives, well just end up destroying ourselves and the world as well.

So there. Let me stop myself before I start giving too many details about the movie. They presented some interesting ideas but then I would’ve been more entertained if I read a book about something like that too. For all those wanting to watch, keep an open mind. You may enjoy it more than I did.



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