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The Good Samaritan

Every Catholic knows the story of The Good Samaritan. I grew up studying in Catholic schools all my life and helping our neighbors (despite whatever differences we may have) without asking for anything in return have been hammered into my brain so much that it’s quite impossible for me to ever forget it. Despite being of the helping nature, I seldom expect it from others. I believe that a person can either have these values or not depending on how they were brought up so I never really imposed my beliefs and values to anyone. So imagine my surprise when a stranger did a “good Samaritan” act for me.

Last Saturday I left my cellphone at a certain coffee shop near my office. I was hurrying to fix my things and I thought I already placed my phone inside my bag. When I got home, that’s when I discovered that my phone was missing. I tried calling it right away but to no avail. It’s on silent mode and unless someone sees it right away, it’ll be left unnoticed. What I did next was to send a text message instructing the person who will eventually find my phone to please give me a call or send a text message. This may sound jaded but living in Manila all my life, I honestly didn’t expect to ever get a reply. But come Sunday morning, I checked my (other) phone and there was a text message for me! A good soul found my phone and contacted me. He (it was a guy) even took the effort of texting me using his personal phone since my phone’s battery was already drained. We met up that Sunday and I am one happy owner reunited with her cellphone.

To the good-hearted guy who took the effort of reuniting me with my phone… Thank you so much! I hope good karma comes your way when you need it the most.



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