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Singapore 2011 Day 1

We had our family trip to Singapore this March 24 – 27, 2011. It’s my first time out of the country and I was beyond excited on the dates nearing our departure. Our flight was scheduled for 6:25AM at NAIA Terminal 3 meaning we had to be there by around 4AM for ticketing and check-in. I’m an-OC traveler and to avoid missing anything I’ll usually start packing a day or two before we leave so by Tuesday night I was done packing. I’m using my North Face Terra 35 backpack (gift from boyfie) for the first time and I was surprised that all my clothes (6 tops, 2 leggings, 1 pair of shorts, 4 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs foot socks), 1 pair of slippers, 1 small towel, my kikay kit, and a few feminine products all fit in quite nicely with extra space to spare. Wednesday night was spent on checking, double-checking, triple-checking the items I packed to make sure I won’t forget anything. I slept at around 11PM then woke up at 2AM to take a quick shower and by 3:30AM we’re all set to go.

We got there at a little past 4AM but no worries since there wasn’t any line yet in the Travel Tax or check-in counters. Then off we went to pay our Terminal Fee:

By 5AM we were eating breakfast here:

I just ate arroz caldo and then we waited for our boarding time.

In the plane we got Row 19 Seats C (boyfie), D (me), E (sister), F (mom). Once again it’s right on top of the airplane wings. I wonder why I keep on getting seated in that area. The flight took a little over 3hrs and we reached Singapore Budget Terminal safely by around 9:30AM. We got my mom’s check-in baggage, went through the immigrations officer, and had our money changed (exchange rate: SGD1 = PHP34.72) before heading to Changi Airport (c/o the free shuttle ride). Upon reaching Changi Terminal 2 we headed straight away to the MRT station and bought EZ Link tickets at SGD12 (SGD5 for the card and SGD7 consumable) each.

The first train ride was a rush for me. I remembered being in awe of the efficiency of their MRT/LRT system and before we knew it, we were in our destination. This is how Aljunied station looks from the outside:

We were a bit hungry so we ate at the nearest food center we can find, which was luckily very near the train station. We weren’t familiar with their food yet so we just tried what we thought looked good:

Their food centers there looks like our food court minus the airconditioning. Food costs about SGD4 each set and water is at SGD1.30 there. I still keep on wondering why their water costs too much! After resting for a few we walked going to Hotel 81 Lucky. It said in the hotel’s website that it’s less than 15mins to walk from the train station to their hotel but since we got lost (we got confused with their street naming) we got there around 30mins later. Here’s the picture of Hotel 81 Lucky from the outside:

And here’s  how our room looks like from the inside (minus the CR/Bathroom):

True it’s quite small but hey, it’s just a place for us to sleep/rest in right? And for SGD190 per room (3 nights stay, airconditioned room with free broadband, bottled water, coffee, tea, and a box of tissue replenished everyday) that’s more than worth it!

We rested till 3pm then the fun starts… First stop Vivo City Mall:

While there we got kinda hungry and tried the Modern Peking Duck roll (top middle) and I liked it! Then we went all gaga inside the Candy Empire. I L-O-V-E chocolates!!!

Next stop is Fort Canning Park:

We got kinda lost here (again). We ended up in the far side of Fort Canning near Dohby Ghaut mrt instead of going through the entrance near Clarke Quay. They decided to not pursue going through the park anymore. I think their aching feet won over their cultural side.

Next stop… Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City:

We got there at a about 5PM and after a while the water fountain stopped. I’m not sure if they only have a specific time but I’m glad we got there before they turned off the water.

After a few picture taking moments we hopped on a bus going to Marina Bay Sands for the Skywalk. We actually got lost trying to find the correct bus stop. Good thing a kind Indian lady helped us out and even directed us to the right bus to board.

This is a worm’s eye view of the MBS Skywalk (shaped like a ship):

Here are our tickets (SGD20 each) and the elevator buttons going to the Skypark:

We made like tourists on the Skypark and took pictures of the city night lights:

We got there at a little after 7PM. Good thing the sun sets pretty late in Singapore, around 7:30PM so we were just in time for viewing the magnificent SG skyline. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the pool/pool deck on the Skypark. I was so enthralled by the view I totally forgot about the infinity pool. *Booooooo…* It was almost 9PM when we left MBS to go home.

We ate dinner here:

It’s a small cafe right outside Aljunied station (ground floor).

Day 1 finished…

Note: Please excuse my photos, these were taken using my phone’s camera only.



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