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A Watch Story

In one of my previous posts I expressed my desire to by a watch… particularly one from the Swatch Full-Blooded White/Black Skull Collection so I went to the mall yesterday with that goal in mind. I went to Swatch Glorietta and looked at the models they have. It was as I expected and I admit I’m still in-love with it… BUT… I had to pass on purchasing one. The watch was really nice, very clean looking but I wasn’t sure it can live a very hectic and rough life which it will have if I ever got one for myself. The metal strap and exposed battery slot at the back was my main concern. I would’ve been scared to death of doing any of my rough and tumble exploits cause I might scratch the links and I’m not sure if getting it wet would’ve been a great idea given that the battery is somehow out in the open (unlike other watches where the back is completely covered by metal and the battery is safely situated inside).

What I did was look around a bit more and that was when I saw the Seiko watch I eventually bought:

Seiko 5 Sports as worn by boyfie

Firstly, it’s a man’s watch. Secondly, it’s automatic… meaning no battery changes ever. And lastly, it’s BIG!!!

I know, what the hell does a girl like me want with a guy watch like this… but who says I can’t purchase one if I want to! I’ve never been a fan of ladies watches as proven by my Baby-G watch back in highschool (which I wore even to a formal debut party) and any dainty watch I owned was either given as a gift or a hand-me-down from my mom. Now that I can buy my own watch, I’d prefer something rugged and heavy-duty yet still formal enough to go from my office to any formal party I’ll ever attend.

So even if I didn’t get to buy my Swatch Skull I still think I chose the watch that will do the job and I’m happy.



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