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365 Project: Me and My Starbs

Me and My Starbs

June 18, 2011

I love my Starbucks drinks and this cup contains hot chocolate (to keep me warm on chilly days such as today). I have this favorite Starbs outlet in Makati where I usually spend my time waiting for boyfie to get home and this is what I’d usally order from them. 1 tall hot chocolate and 1 cup of ice is perfect for around 4 hrs of waiting.

Well, the thing is, I’m posting this cause I promised myself that this will be the last calorific cup I’m buying for a while. I need to cut on my sugar and calories intake since I’m trying to lose some weight. I looked at myself in the mirror (and I mean really looked) and saw how much I’ve gained. I have all the love handle, the flabby arms, and the huge thighs to prove it. Just found out too that I’ll be nearing the over-weight mark soon and before I reach that level I’m forcing myself to cut back on the indulgences I don’t necessarily need in my life right now. So I (bravely) promised my self that no more starbucks latte or hot chocolate for a while plus goodbye also to my ever trusty companion… dark chocolate. I’m sticking to tea and coffee (I simply can’t give this up… so what I’m doing is it to just use 1 sachet creamer and brown sugar per cup instead) for now. And boy, will I be needing all the help I can get.

With age comes not only wisdom but all the fat cells too. *sigh*



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