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Inspirations: A Burgundy and Ivory Wedding

I initially wanted a black and white wedding. Maybe it’s the minimalist in me, maybe I saw it somewhere and fell in love with the idea but that was what I had in mind. While searching for some black and white flower decors I stumbled upon a wedding having burgundy and ivory as their color motifs and right then and there I knew that’s what I want! It looked clean but not too uptight and boring.

Here are some of the inspirations I have…


Burgundy Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

I love the simplicity of this. Long stem burgundy calla lilies with a little bit of green to offset the darkness of it. I can actually imagine myself carrying this while walking down the aisle.

Eggplant callas

These eggplant calla lilies are just divine!!! It practically screams elegance all over. Simple yet it just can’t avoid catching people’s eyes. It sure did catch mine.


Secondary sponsors in red, Maid of Honor in black

Our sponsors would most probably be wearing burgundy or dark red while the MoH will have black as her color. Update on this, can’t use black as the color for my MoH anymore… mom just practically bit my head off when I told her my color choice and declared that she’ll refuse to attend if I’ll have my entourage wear black. I guess black details are ok but not a black gown. *Sigh…*

Here are the dress designs I’ll most probably use for the secondary sponsors. All came from I would suggest this site for brides looking for bridesmaid/entourage dress ideas. They have lots of designs and the good thing is you can customize the colors so it’ll match your color motif. The cuts are already perfect but we’ll tweak the design a bit and make the ribbons/straps in black.

Ivory and burgundy for the flower girl

Again, this came from I like this a lot and we’ll most probably use it. Looks real cute and ladylike, perfect for our little flower girl!

Bible Bearer

Of course the color will have to be the same as those of the secondary sponsors but this style will do for my bible bearer. I’ll even include that flower detail on the side and have it in ivory. It looks so feminine but still playful.

Or here’s a better idea… how about infinity dresses?

Those that can be worn in a number of ways (supposedly infinity but yeah it’s still limited). I found an online sellers just visit their sites to get an idea of what I’m talking about:




Tie black or red ribbon or tulle on chairs

Isn’t it brilliant! Simple yet elegant. I also like the idea used for the centerpiece. Something green inside the vase and 2-3 long stem flowers and some branches sticking out from it. But I’m thinking it should be burgundy or dark red flowers instead of purple. Plus the white candles are a great addition. I’m not too sold on the rolled table napkins though so that will most probably have to go if I choose this kind of setting.

A vase of lavender stock

Or in our case, some burgundy or deep red flowers instead. This is the type of table decor I’m talking about. It’s so lovely in all of it’s simplicity.

Purple Tulips and white candles

Just look at that table top tulips in a vase. And those cylindrical candles are just great! I like this, and I can actually live with having this on the tables during our reception. I’m thinking we could use recycles glass containers (from condiments and such) or old vases we can find in thrift shops (ukay-ukays). Not only will it be budget-friendly but eco-friendly as well!


Cupcake wedding cake

I don’t want the normal wedding cakes that will most probably be not eaten at all. At least with cupcakes, guests can opt to bring them home or better yet finish eating them on the spot!


DIY Kraft Paper Invites and Programs

I like the idea of these invites, they look fun but still intimate and well thought of.

DIY Classic Invites and Place Cards

These are not really DIY projects but I think it’s doable on our own. The design are pretty simple enough.

Matchbox Wedding Invites

Here’s a simple yet unique wedding invite. I wanted to use the vertical wedding invite seen above but I was kinda worried about the flaps since I wanted to avoid using envelopes. I was looking through the internet and came across some paper matchbox inspired designs and I thought they’d also do great with what I have in mind.

The outside could probably look like this:

Inside would look like this:

Technically our colors are burgundy and ivory but since we’re having DIY invites, I’m thinking the invites would most probably be cream colored instead of these dark ones. It’ll be easier to print on them that way.

Some DIY websites to supplement our efforts:



One thought on “Inspirations: A Burgundy and Ivory Wedding

  1. We have the same color motif! But I used eccru instead of ivory (almost the same thing. Hehehe!) Don’t you just love the combination? So elegant. =)

    Posted by The Average Jane | August 27, 2011, 9:17 am

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