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Inspirations: Wedding Hairstyles and Accessories

I already have an idea for my wedding gown, and yes it’s boho, flowy-flowy inspired. I’m just not posting it yet cause boyfie might see it (he sometimes read my blog) and he said he wants to be surprised with what I’ll be wearing on that day. Weird huh?!

Anyway… I’ve been looking around for hairstyle inspirations cause I’m so eng-eng when it comes to fixing my hair. I currently have long-ish hair (almost till my shoulder blades) that I want to cut soon but then I have a year to grow it back so I’m not that worried. What I’m looking for is something that will go with my carefree look so it’ll most probably be the messy-boho or the Grecian type then. Lastly, and this I’m 100% sure, I want my hair in an up-do… I can’t imagine going about the day’s event with my hair sticking to my perspiring back. It doesn’t matter if it’s officially not summer at the day of our wedding, I just want to be comfortable above anything else. 🙂

Here are some I’ve seen so far…

1. Jessica Alba done by Robert Ramos

L.A. stylist Robert Ramos diffused Alba’s hair to coax out its natural wave. Next, he gave her a center part, sectioned off hair from either side of the head and French-braided it. He made smaller plaits from her bottom layer of hair, wrapping them back toward the center and pinning them. “At the back of the head, the braids should be intertwined,” he explains.

I found a site that gave details on how to create this updo: The Jessica Alba Braided Updo

2. Blake Lively’s Bohemian Grecian Look

Her hair was loosely tossed back into a large bun of curls which were framed with braids.  The hair was styled after  looks reminiscent of the Bohemian and Grecian inspired hairstyles.   The romantic hairstyle was also accented with two stone jeweled headbands, one worn along side the braid framing the bun and another close to her forehead.



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