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DIY: Wedding Guestbook

Since we’re working on a pretty tight budget for our wedding, I plan on doing some DIY items to help lessen the expenses. One idea I have is for the wedding reception guestbook. I’ve been looking about Martha Stewart’s wedding website and saw some ideas that I can actually adopt.

Envelope Guestbook

Transform a store-bought album into a guest book that has a handmade feel. Use double-sided tape to affix envelopes in assorted sizes and colors to the pages of a plain-paper photo album or scrapbook. Leave cards and a pen on a table for guests to write wishes. When they’re done, they can tuck their cards inside the envelopes for the bride and groom to enjoy later.

I think this is something that (1) I’ll enjoy making, and (2) we’ll enjoy reading afterwards. It’s pretty simple but still personal. I’m thinking I could either buy a blank photo album or one of those scrapbook albums that are quite popular now. I can even include some scrapbook items as additional artsy designs. Writing pens will also be provided but I’m also inclined to use some metallic markers as well… but I guess we’ll have to use dark colored paper for that. Also, I think some stickers are in order to seal the envelopes and keep the contents away from prying eyes.

Doable? YES! I even think this project will be quite dear to me. I do love writing notes during my younger years (read: schoolgirl days) and I’m sure that somewhere deep inside we all still yearn to write little notes to everyone.

File Card Guestbook

File this under A for adorable. Instead of a traditional guest book, use cards from an address file. Our set, by Lovely Design, contains handmade ones from vintage papers, so each is unique. Set cards on a table with a sign asking friends and family to jot down messages; once they’ve penned their notes, they can file their card alphabetically, leaving you to merely flip through all the warm wishes that range from A to Z.

How about some index cards (as file cards are popularly known here) for our guestbook? Well, technically speaking, it won’t be a guestbook anymore but more of a filing system for guest’s well wishes but what the heck it’s just a term! I like this idea too and if I ever choose to go with this, I think someone (or two maybe) will have to stand guard near the area to make sure that the guests file their greetings in the correct way or else we’ll be spending the better part of our time trying to sort through all the cards. But it sure is a very unique idea no?



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