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[Initial Post] In Search Of: The Couturier

With more than a year to go before the W-day, I’ve started looking for (1) design pegs for my bridal dress and (2) the couturier who’s works are good but still within our (very) limited budget. Since this post is not about my gown (which, by the way, I already have a design in mind for but I’m not it posting just yet) but about the couturier… let me take you along my journey to finding The One.

First step…

Reading through some forums like GirlTalk where there is an active community of former brides and brides to be. It’s there that I’m currently getting ideas on who’s good but affordable when it comes  to designing/sewing gowns. What I’m looking for are designers who get good feedback from their brides (clients). I even look into the websites of these brides just to see the gown created for them.

Second step…

Emailing my design pegs to those couturier that I think will meet my expectations in terms of design and execution. Here are some of those that already replied with their quotations:

Cecilo Abad > According to him the design I sent will costs 80k  (plus accessories).

Jazel Sy > They have set packages but for made to order gowns it starts at 30k. Layered/ruffled skirt starts at 60k.

Emil Ocampo > Wedding gowns starts at 20k (plus accessories).

Rei Rana > Wedding gowns starts at 18k (plus accessories) based on my peg.

Joe San Antonio > Wedding gowns starts at 30k (plus accessories) . According to him her the design I sent will costs 48k-52k depending on the length of train.

For the complete newbie like me, accessories usually includes all or some of the following:


secondary veil




pillows (ring and arrhae)

bible with cover



I still haven’t made up my mind on who to get but I’m currently leaning towards Rei Rana, Joe San Antonio and Emil Ocampo. Even before I got their quotations for my design peg I already liked their creations and even better, I liked what I read about them from their former and current bride clients.

Third step…

Attend wedding expos. We’ll be attending this weekend’s wedding expo at SMX and I’m hoping to come across more designers that both me and H2B will like. I’ll be bringing printouts of my design pegs so that I’ll have the proper props when I inquire for their rates.

Fourth and final step…

Book my couturier of choice. *sigh* I hope to reach this stage before the year ends so that we’ll have more time to focus on other stuffs already.

I’ll just keep you guys posted on any developments. Till next time then… Hasta luego!



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