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Supplier Meetup: Gretchen Pichay and Leiy of Bliss Events

Finally had the chance to meet with two prospect suppliers awhile ago. I dragged H2B around town (well almost literally) from one meetup to another.

I had Spanish classes till 12NN so our first meetup was at 3pm with Gretchen Pichay. We went to her shop/workshop in QC (it’s very near St. Luke’s going to Gilmore) which happens to be a residential area. We kinda got a little lost cause the house numbers there are a little bit weird. The meeting place was situated on a corner lot and one gate had a number on it and the other gate had a different number… so there, that’s the source of our confusion. Anyway, we just rang the doorbell near the gate with the correct house number. Gretchen was such a bouncy, petite lady (or should I say little girl cause she looks real young). She’s very upbeat during our talk albeit a bit preoccupied with her lack of cellphone signal (nice going Globe Telecom)… although by the end of our session her phone was back to it’s normal working condition. I showed her my pegs and she made some sketches for me. All consists of flowy, light materials with sequins around the top part. She took into consideration my requirements (gown with sleeves, flowy skirt, details on the top) and she even showed me around her workshop to see some of the gowns currently in progress. Unfortunately, the heavens did not suddenly open up and showed me the light in this meeting… actually, quite the opposite happened cause it suddenly poured like crazy while we were there… so, despite liking her and the designs she made, no decisions just yet. I’ll be meeting up with 3 or 4 more designers and unless I get the “this is it” feeling from any of the others, I’ll decide when I finish with the last designer.

Now, for the next meeting… 5pm with the OTD coordinator. I initially didn’t want to get an OTD coordinator, I was thinking some of my friends can just help me out with the preps and coordination during my wedding. But as advised by my ex-coordinator friend, why put the stress and hassle on your friends when you can get an affordable coordinator and just let them enjoy the day with you. And that led me to look for our coordinator. I actually have only a few requirements… they should have good reviews from fellow bride to be’s or former brides, we should have a great rapport even on the first meeting, the emcee should be included in the package and, most importantly, they should be within our set budget (Php 15,000). I discovered Bliss Events through w@w forums and they seem to have good feedback from current and previous brides. Compared to the other coordinators I inquired with, she replies pretty promptly and she seems easy to talk with. Their rates are really reasonable, well within our budget actually, and that was even before the promo they’re having now (to celebrate their 4th year anniversary in the business – see their FB site for more details on that). Our initial meeting is really good. She’s very accommodating (we were supposed to meet in Makati but since we’ll be coming from QC we changed the venue to Gateway instead), friendly, professional and candid about their team and the work they do. And most importantly, magaan ang loob namin sa kanya. Hmmm… could this be it?

Ahhh… decisions… decisions…



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