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Inspirations: Female Entourage Dresses Mood Board

I know I’ve posted the dress designs I’d like to have for our entourage, now here’s the mood board for that.

The three dresses colored burgundy are for the secondary sponsors. It’s going to be a solid burgundy with black accents (belts and straps). For the flower girl (top right) it’ll be a white dress with burgundy satin belt. I just found this really cute, I imagine they’ll look like cute little ladies all dressed up together with the adults. The center top dress is for the Bible bearer. I can’t find one in burgundy but the color doesn’t really matter cause what I’m really after is the design.

Noticed that the men’s clothes are not here? Well, it’s bring-your-own clothes for them. Well be requesting them to suit up in barong tagalog and black pants. Most Filipino man have at least one barong in his closet just for occasions such as this so that’s not going to be a real issue.

We’re hoping to find a sewer who can replicate the designs of these dresses for us. No need for a designer since the designs will be exactly copied anyway.


After much thought and hours spent on the internet we came up with an updated version of our wedding motif and, with that being said, here are some additional dress options for our adult entourage members…

Blue, turquoise and green (representing the mint in our motif)

Fuchsia and plum (just because they're in the same family as burgundy)

Notice that now the colors are a lot more livelier and festive. Still would prefer the burgundy ones in the first board but then some might not like the too dark colors so now they have a lighter option (sounds just like food noh?).



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