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Supplier Meetup: Von Lazaro, Emil Ocampo, Joe San Antonio

This weekend has filled with the second round of supplier’s meetup. Saturday was for Von Lazaro and Sunday was for Emil Ocampo and Joe San Antonio.

First off, Von Lazaro. Going there was such an adventure. It was an 11AM Saturday meetup, it was drizzling, traffic was close to hell and the tribike rate for me and h2b was P60 (from Vito Cruz Taft). Darn it! We were 45mins late for our appointment but he was really accommodating. After filling out an application and talking about my pegs for a while he started drawing 2 designs for me. He got what I wanted for my gown (complete with the semi-backless design). In my eyes it was simple but still quite elegant. He even allowed me to try on a fitting gown. It’s like the skeleton of the finished gown, the only thing missing are the top cloth (chiffon or tulle). I was surprised how heavy that thing is and to think that’s only the frame… what more once all those cloth and beading are added.

Meetup with Emil Ocampo happened on a Sunday at 1pm. His place is very near Bambang LRT station (literally a few steps away from the station). What struck me most about him is how soft-spoken he his. In feminine terms, he is very mahinhin. I showed a copy of my pegs and we discussed the things I liked about each gown. He drew two designs for me. One has a very simple skirt but a very bongga top, it has a criss cross design with a scattering of beads. The other has this very interesting skirt (much like the red gown in my wedding gown peg) and the top still has that criss cross and beading I’m really starting to like. I like both designs and the price of both is very much within our budget. He captured each element of what I like in the gowns from my peg. Aside from being really accommodating, he even let h2b try on a suit and vest he made. So now we’re even quite interested in that. In case we get him as our couturier, we’ll most probably have him do h2b’s suit too. This is in addition to making the bridal gown and the mother’s gowns. I wonder if we can get a discount for all this…

Last meetup for the weekend is with Joe San Antonio, who I initially thought was a guy (what with a name like Joe) but turns out to be a cute girl instead. Anyway, her place is the nearest by far from where we live and getting to her shop is no problem at all. When we got there, we didn’t know it was a shop until we went in and saw all those gowns hanging there. Same as with all the other couturiers I’ve meet so far, I discussed what I like about each gown in my peg and she then drew two dress designs for me. One is a bit traditional and another is more modern. Both have criss cross design for the top and a scatter of beading. I like both designs and they seem to represent who I am in all aspects.

Well, that’s it for my “search for couturier” adventure. I promised h2b that we’ll go to only 4 of my favorite designers and choose from them. This is it… moment of truth. Will update you guys as soon as I reach a decision. Wish me luck!



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