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Booked: Emil Ocampo

Yehey… we finally booked our couturier!!!

I first heard  (or should I say read from one of the forums) of Emil Ocampo when I started looking for prospect designers for my bridal gown. I did some research and based on what I found, his brides gave good feedback about him and his works. In my mind I though… “I think this is it… he might just be the designer I’m looking for“. After another month of research I discovered that there are a lot of other designers I can actually choose from and my list of prospects grew. Nevertheless, he was still shortlisted prior to our actual visit to prospect designers.

I finally met him last September and I got good vibes about him. Upon finishing up with our designer meetups me and h2b had a little talk and decided on getting Emil already. We just waited for the Kasal 2011 Part II this October so we didn’t have to travel to his shop in Manila. After having a short chat with another prospect supplier, we went to Emil’s booth, paid the Php 2k down payment and scheduled a meeting for next year (around May or June).

So what’s the damage for this… he quoted Php 40k for the bridal gown (plus accessories) and 2 mother’s gowns (my mom’s and MIL’s). This already includes the out-of-town fees. I’m satisfied with this rate cause I know my skirt will need lots and lots of fabric plus he’s doing some beading also on the gown’s top part.

So there… one more item to tick-off our list. 🙂



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