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Booked: Gian & Fidji of Photoimagicraft

Weeeee… things are really progressing quite fast already. Just last week we booked Emil Ocampo for the bridal gown and the mother’s gowns… and last night we already booked our photo/video supplier! Ohhhhhh… I’m super excited like a little girl on Christmas day!!!

Short background…

I first heard/read about Photoimagicraft from GirlTalk. There’s this user who listed all the photo/video suppliers who, in her opinion, are very promising/good in their craft. There were more or less about 20 names on the list and I actually visited each and everyone of those names to see if someone’s work will appeal to us. I was immediately drawn to the works of Photoimagicraft, I found them fresh and fun. I got the feeling that so much hard work was put into the production of those photos and videos. We wanted to have fun not just during our wedding pictorials but also during our prenup too and I felt like we can have that with them. I showed h2b their site and after about 5 blog pages later, he was as hooked as I was.

Aaaaand…after exchanging about half a dozen emails or so, we finally got to meet them last night. They showed us samples of their works (photos/videos/albums) and, before the night was over, we booked them as our P/V supplier. It was that simple and boy am I happy! 😀

For those interested, here’s their website:


And here’s their Facebook page:

PS. We also got a lot of freebies which they’ll also be offering during the upcoming Getting Married Bridal Fair – 3rd Edition this January. One of which is a 100 pcs “Thank You” cards… and thank you indeed coz that’ll be one paper product off our list. So this is what’s usually called hitting two birds with one stone… booking the P/V supplier and getting “Thank You” cards at the same time. Heaven sent!



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