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Booked: Makeup by Edz

The pace is really picking up… last night we booked our hair and makeup supplier Edz Plotnikov (Makeup by Edz).

I first heard of Edz from her fellow HAMU artist Gyan. I initially inquired with Gyan but unfortunately she’s migrating to another country so she won’t be here during our wedding anymore. I checked Edz’s website and was pretty impressed with her portfolio so I decided to contact her. A few email exchanges later, I learned she’ll be attending the bridal fair held this October at SM Megamall. I passed by her booth and got a copy of her bridal fair promo rates which were valid until October 31 only. First impressions? She looked pretty with her dark looks and petite frame, what initially came to my mind was that she looks very exotic (the good kind, not intended as a code for anything). She was pretty soft-spoken too and very courteous. I knew even before I met-up with her that I wanted to get her as my HAMU artist, what I wasn’t sure about is if I’ll have my trial makeup at that time. So we went home and I thought about it first. During the days that followed I was surprised when one of my co-w@wies inquire about her too. Same as me, she was quite impressed with her portfolio but unfortunately couldn’t find any feedback about her work just yet. The good thing was another co-w@wie happened to be her classmate in makeup school and she said that, in her opinion, Edz was one of the top 5 students in their class as proven by the fact that their instructor would usually choose them to accompany his/her whenever he/she needs additional hands during client calls. Also, of  those really good ones in class, 2 are already makeup artist for actors/actresses and the other 2 (Gyan and Edz) focused on bridal makeup. Learning that somehow sealed the deal for me.

Last night we went to her condo in Makati (which was convenient too for us since me and h2b both work around the area). She thought I was getting my trial makeup done but I told her we’ll just schedule that for another time. Instead, we booked her and paid the required 30% DP. I have to say, her rates are really very affordable. Maybe it’s because she’s just starting out as a makeup artist, but for me it’s no big deal really as long as she’ll be able to deliver come our wedding day. We talked for a while and we even got to meet her daughter (who also looks very pretty) and her mom (who’s very kind and ma-chikka and made us laugh with her side comments about looking like John Lloyd and Bea after our makeup session).

So there… oh my it really feels like things are moving faster and faster now as we’re nearing the “one-year-before-our-wedding” mark…



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