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The Entourage and their Roles

It’s less the a year to our wedding and things are really picking up now. After booking most of our major suppliers (we’ll be booking the reception place and preps place next week) it’s now time to list down the Cast of Characters (as I’d like to call our entourage… I don’t know, I think it’s just that playful side of me). Aside from my bestfriend (who’ll be my Maid of Honor) and h2b’s bestfriend (who’ll be the Best Man), we only have a vague idea of the other characters for the remaining roles. Early on we already decided on having only the bare necessities for our member’s of the entourage. We haven’t finalized anything yet but I’ve been researching over the net so we’ll have a clearer idea on their specific roles and be able to cast wisely the ones we think will be able to play the part to a T. Here are the Cast of Characters for our wedding (in order of appearance):

Best Man

The Best Man is the chief male assistant to the bride and groom during the wedding. This role is generally given to someone close to a groom, such as his brother or his closest male friend. He’ll responsible in organizing a Bachelor or Stag Party for the groom. He assists the groom on the wedding day, ensuring that the groom gets to the wedding on time. He’ll be holding onto the Bride’s wedding ring and come forward (together with the Maid of Honor who will be holding the Bridegroom’s wedding ring) during the blessing of the rings. He also acts as a legal witness to the marriage. He gives a speech at the wedding reception, and offers the first toast to the Bride and Groom.

So obviously, this will either be h2b’s brother or best friend. As far as I know, he already asked his best friend to play this role. Unfortunately he’s working overseas so he’ll only be here like a week or so before our wedding. This will give him little time to get to know the other members of the entourage and familiarize himself with his role during the wedding proper itself. What we’ll do instead is to ask him out for dinner when he gets back during the Christmas break and introduce my Maid of Honor so at the very least he’ll get acquainted with her already.

Principal Sponsors

A typical Filipino Wedding has a long list of “ninongs” and “ninangs”, or Godparents. Usually they are composed of 3-5 pairs of the couple’s parents friends, mentors, seniors business associates,employees, and other personalities who are considerably older than the couple, and plays or have played a significant part in the couple’s life, separately or together. Ninongs and Ninangs stand as principal sponsors and witnesses in the ceremony. They are expected to provide guidance and counsel to the couple during their married life.

We initially planned to have only 2 pairs of ninongs and ninangs but now we’ll be having 3 pairs instead. As of writing, we already officially asked one of h2b’s family friend and one of my aunt as ninangs and one of my uncle as ninong. We’ll be asking one other ninong by this Christmas. So that makes 2 pairs and the last pair is still for further discussion.

Secondary Sponsors

They are friends of the couple who would like to be part of the entourage, but don’t have much time to help out with the preparations. Most of the time, the secondary sponsors are also couples themselves. They are composed of 3 pairs:

Candle Sponsors – to light up the wedding candles during the ceremony (The candle symbolize the presence of Jesus Christ in the couple’s lives and of the love that they must keep aflame in all the days of their lives.)

Veil Sponsors – to drape and pin the veil on the groom’s shoulder and over the bride’s head (The veil is pinned on the bride’s head and on the groom’s shoulder. This forms the silhouette of a house, symbolizing that you now have the blessing to live under one roof.)

Cord Sponsors – to tie the cord around the shoulder-area of the bride and groom (The cord means that you will now have to walk at the same pace towards one direction.)

So far we’ll most probably have our friends here. I’m thinking of inviting my (guy) best friend and his (by then) wife as one of our secondary sponsors. For the other two, we’ll still have to think about this.

Ring Bearer

Traditionally this is a young boy not more than 8 years old. The ring bearer walks down the aisle carrying a satin pilow that contains a pair of wedding rings. 

In the event that h2b’s brother won’t be able to fly home from London, we’ll have to deviate from tradition and request his youngest cousin (a teenager still) to stand as our ring bearer instead. If that happens, of course we won’t be using a satin pillow for him to carry anymore. We would most probably use a copy of our favorite book wrapped in maroon (or deep red) silk ribbons so he won’t look ridiculous carrying a dainty pillow while walking down the aisle.

Coin Bearer

A young boy who usually marches next to the ring bearer. The coin bearer carries the arrhae, or 13 coins, which represents groom’s pledge of his edication to the welfare of his wife and future children.

Still no idea who’ll be our coin bearer. Maybe h2b’s brother if he’s still here (he has plans of going to Canada next year) or another male cousin (either mine or h2b’s).

Bible Bearer

Played by a young kid, either boy or a girl. He or she walks down the aisle after the ring or a coin bearer carrying a bible.

This’ll most probably be my sister’s role instead. Why burden a kid to carry our bible, he/she might just get tired and drop it while walking down the aisle.

Flower Girls

The flower girl, usually an adorable little lady aged three to eight, proceeds down the aisle just before the maid of honor, scattering rose petals along the bridal path. She follows the ring bearer (if there is one), and sometimes she will even precede the bride. Traditionally, she totes a basket full of petals, but other alternatives include wrapped candies or confetti. Also, instead of scattering aforementioned items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander (a lush ball of flowers), or blow bubbles.

We’ll be having a pair of flower girls. One will be my niece and the other will be h2b’s niece (daughter of his cousin). Since the chapel where we’ll be getting married has restrictions about scattering flowers inside the church, we’ll just be providing them with pomanders instead so they’ll still hold flowers without the risk of any falling off.

Maid of Honor

The Maid of Honor is the primary attendant with the most honors and duties of the bridal party, and is considered the equivalent of the groom’s best man. She is usually the bride’s sister, cousin or closest girl friend. She plans and hosts the bridal shower and bachelorette party. She assists the bride with her dress and make-up, and arranges her veil and train before, during and after the ceremony. She’ll be the keeper of the Bridegroom’s wedding ring and come forward during the blessing of the rings. She will hold the bride’s bouquet during the exchanging of wedding rings and witnesses the signing of the marriage. The Maid of Honor is called the Matron of Honor if she is already married.

This, of course, will be my bestfriend. I already told her a long time ago of her role and she already agreed to be there as my MoH. I could never dream of not having here there during one of the most important day of my life.


As can be noticed, we’re actually shying away from having too many kids in our entourage party. It’s not as traditional as weddings of old, not too many casts of characters too, but then we wanted to keep it simple and this is one way we know how. Hopefully by end of this year we get to finalize our list so we’ll be able to give out our “Will you be…” cards by February next year.

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