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How Rude People are Forcing Me to Accept Myself

When someone tells you…

“You’re so fat now!” (a comment by someone after not see you for a while)

“Why are you getting fat?” (said by someone who suddenly realized that fact)

What do you do? How the heck do you react? I wonder, when did it ever become ok to suddenly comment on someone else’s weight? Isn’t that something that’s considered on the side of rudeness? I’m a girl and I think that makes it doubly rude! I mean, yeah, I’ve gotten bigger in the past years since I started working and yeah, I’m slowly learning to accept that as I get older my body will start to work against me and start hoarding fat like there’s no tomorrow. But can’t a girl just learn to live with her body in her own time and terms? *sigh*

Sometimes, when people comment on my weight I’m actually at lost on how to react. There’s this part of me that wants to answer back rudely (one rude turn deserves another right?) and say… “How about you… you still look as ugly as ever!” or maybe… “I’m getting fat because of SOBs like you!“. So how’s that for a reply? But honestly, what I usually end up doing is shutting up and keeping it all inside. Coz the thing is, if (and when) I ever starts replying or commenting on it, I swear it’ll most probably leave that person burnt to the core and that’s really something I’m not inclined to do ok. I still have manners, I still know how to respect others even if some don’t know how or even deserves it.

Slowly, but surely, I’m learning to love me (fat thighs, bulging stomach and all). It’s not easy I tell you and having people who insists on sharing what they think about my body is not something I’m thrilled about. In fact, it makes me want to give them the cold shoulder and wish them a place right beside all those sinners in hell. Anyway, I live… I learn… I accept.

Here’s a quote for me:



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