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Booked: Sonya’s Garden

Before the holiday ended we also booked our final out-of-town supplier, Sonya’s Garden for our reception venue.

We’ve been looking for our reception venue since August and we even did a door-to-door (or place-to-place) ocular of our prospects before eventually settling on Sonya’s Garden. So what finally made us decided on Sonya’s? First off, it’s proximity to the church. It’s around 10-15 mins away from Chapel on the Hill, meaning we don’t have to travel far, the program will start early, the guests will be able to eat earlier, and they’ll all get home earlier too. Second, it was me who really fell in love with the place. I love the fact that we’ll be surrounded with plants and flowers and nature in general. Sans the insects (both flying and crawling) I still thought the place was perfect. Third, we’ll be saving up on the decor expenses since the venue itself already gives that one-with-nature feel. Minimal venue decors needed. Saves us the money that we can use for other things and helps us save Mother Nature as well cause we won’t be using much decor that will most probably turned to trash anyways. Lastly, and most importantly, it’s well within our budget.

We also decided on getting our cupcakes (50 pcs) with cutting cake from them. We’ll just be adding a DIY doughnut tower (or maybe not a tower anymore since that might involve too much effort, just doughnuts served on platters/plates) from Krispy Kreme. We didn’t want to the traditional wedding cake cause we thought it might just go to waste. I mean who actually eats fondant cakes (or whatever traditional cakes are made of)? At least with doughnuts and cupcakes our guest can have sweets overload and they can take them home in case some are still left after the reception.

Since additional flower decors will mean an additional 10k, we decided that we’ll just use flower petals and some chocolates/candies strewn in the middle of each table. Functional and practical all at once. The tables (which are rectangular and not round) will have that minimalist look and the guests can help themselves with the chocolates/candies on each table during the program proper and while waiting for food to be served. Besides, as per the experience of the marketing officer we talked with, most guests would requests for the table decors to be removed since it gets in the way during meal time itself.

Here are a few pictures I took (few as in really few since my phone decided to go low-batt on me by this time) during our visit:

Reception Venue Entrance

Reception Venue Entrance

Reception Venue

And before I forget, our reservations comes with a free overnight accommodation for a minimum of 100 guests. Yey! 🙂



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