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Booked: Yellow Coco

Had a very productive holiday today… we went to Tagaytay to reserve the last two of our major out-of-town suppliers and I’m so happy we got to finally book Yellow Coco for our preps place.

We initially didn’t plan on getting a separate preps place since we have relatives who have their own places (house) there and we planned on borrowing them. But we realized that the houses are a bit far from the church and our wedding being a day near November 1 we were apprehensive about the traffic. There might be a lot of people going home to their provinces (Batangas) and traffic will be very unpredictable then. For our peace of mind, we started looking for a preps place about a month ago.

There were three places we had in mind, Potter’s Ridge, Rosemont Garden, and Yellow Coco. Why did we choose Yellow Coco? It’s true that, unlike the other two, it doesn’t offer a view of Taal or even it’s lake at that but we found the house very appealing to our taste. There around 9 villas inside the compound and they have a garden (can accommodate up to 150 pax) where a ceremony/reception can also be held. The villas are surrounded by greenery while inside the furniture have that filipiniana theme. Pictorials can be done inside the house and around the garden area. I hope our photo/video suppliers will find the place as appealing as we did and the creative juices will flow very generously.

We got the Acacia (good for 12 pax) for the bridal preps and Apitong A (good for 8 pax) for the groom preps. The rate includes rental of the whole house from 12NN to 2PM, toiletries, towels, and breakfast. We can bring in cooked food if we want or we can cook our own food instead (there’s a kitchen there) for a small additional fee. I’ll have the whole family staying with me there, same as with h2b whose family will be staying with him. We think this’ll be a good arrangement specially for the photo-ops while preparing during our big day.

Here are some pictures I took. Not too much to see since it’s mostly taken inside the villas and I only used my cellphone’s camera (which explains the low image quality).

Acacia Ground Floor

Acacia Ground Floor

Acacia 2nd Floor Bedroom - 2 beds

Acacia 2nd Floor Bedroom - 1 bed

Acacia 2nd Floor Bedroom - Bathroom

Acacia Stairs

Apitong A - Ground Floor (view from the loft)

Apitong A - Loft Bedroom

Apitong A - Bathroom Bedroom

Apitong A - Stairs



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