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What am I Thankful For?

Here in the Philippines we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving the way Americans do but I still think it’s very beautiful holiday. Being thankful is something we can be and something we can celebrate even if it’s not a holiday. Aside from the normal stuff (life, family, friends, etc…), here are 10 other things (right off the bat) I’m currently thankful for…

1. For gaining a fiance… my boyfriend of more than 4 yrs proposed this August so wedding preps are now on the way for our October 2012 wedding. 🙂

2. For finally settling down at work. I passed by my 1 yr mark this year in the company I work in and I’m finally getting the hang of things.

3. For a new nephew who’s so cute and very adorable. Nephew tally is now 2 and they’re just the most adorable and naughty kids ever!

4. For my intuition which so far haven’t failed me just yet. It’s really coming very handy now that we’re booking our wedding suppliers. I’m trying to follow my gut feel when choosing and so far I’m pretty satisfied.

5. For Weddings@Work (w@w) forum where I’ve met a lot of bride-to-be and groom-to-be who are all on the same boat as I am. Busy with the preps, stressed with issues that keep on popping up at unexpected times but still thoroughly enjoying this time in our lives. I swear if not for them I’ll most probably go out of my mind with worry/stress/heartbreak. It’s really nice to have a support group where the members are very welcoming and very open.

6. For Plana Forma instructors who are helping me get toned and a lot more fit one inch at a time. They’re right, I’m beginning to hate the words “up an inch, down an inch“!!!

7. For the internet coz I swear it’s only now that I’m learning to appreciate how easy it is to get things done if you’ve got a computer and a good internet connection.

8. For grandmothers and their grandchildren I still see around the mall. It serves as a constant reminder of my own grandmother who passed away a few years back. I feel like my memories of her are kept alive every time I miss her.

9. For my guy best friend’s girl friend (and now fiance). Was that confusing? Let’s just say she made his life a lot more pleasant after that heartbreak he experienced not so long ago. She is now the bright sunshine in his once dreary life. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for loving him and giving him the chance to be part of her life.

10. For coffee and dark chocolates! I’ve always been a big lover of chocolates and this year I discovered my love for coffee. I practically can’t last a day without having a cup.

So there… these are just some of the things I’m grateful for. Hoping for another exciting and fun filled year ahead. 🙂



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