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10 Lessons Learned from a Weekend Wedding

Last Saturday, despite the storm, we attended a 2pm wedding in Batangas (Chapel on the Hill) wherein the reception (Splendido) lasted up until 9pm. Got real hungry, real cold, and partially drenched but the wedding was fun and the couple looked real happy.

Here are the 10 lessons I learned from that weekend wedding which will help us too on our big day…

1. Don’t use circular potted vases for the aisle decors. The wind will just blow it over, therefore effectively ruining your aisle decor.

2. Don’t use the red carpet anymore. It’ll hide the floor’s labyrinth pattern and the wind will just blow the carpet away. It’s getting really distracting specially with the wind so strongly blowing.

3. Use bright or white flowers to liven up the church interior. It’s a bit dark inside and bright flowers will be like a ray of sunshine.

4. Make sure the commentator knows what she’s/he’s doing (or saying in this case). The priest had to jokingly butt in when the commentator started saying the part of the priest. Thankfully it was done in a very tasteful and funny way… “O, akin na yan. Gusto mo ba maging pari? (Hey, that’s my part already. Do you want to be a priest?)

5. Organize the pictorial session after the church ceremony. Inform your family, relative, and friends that there will be a pictorial after the ceremony so they won’t leave right away. Assign someone too who’ll coordinate with those people outside the church so that they’ll be aware if it’s their turn already.

6. If the wedding is from 2pm to 3pm, schedule the reception at 5pm to make sure that there is ample time for the pictorials (which ended at around 4pm) and enough travel time from the church to the reception venue (only notice that weekend that Sonya’s Garden, which is near Splendido, is a bit far from the church).

7. Have pica-pica on the guests tables so they’ll have something to munch on while waiting for dinner to be served. We got hungry waiting for the program to start and by the time we started lining up at the buffet table I swear I can feel my tummy doing flips due to happiness.

8. If you don’t have a photobooth (like us), have a few games, raffle, ice-breakers while waiting for the couple during reception. Last Saturday, we were at our tables at around 5pm and the couple appeared at around 6pm. There were some song numbers by the emcee and some done by the band but that was it. It would’ve been boring if not for the photobooth outside (which we enjoyed and abused… hehehe…).

9. Do not put the VIP tables in the middle of the room. By the garter/bouquet time it’ll be very uncomfortable for those sitting in the area since most guests with cameras will position themselves there as they vie for a good place where they can take pictures. The parents had to transfer to another table cause it seemed like there was a stamped happening.

10. Leave a little room for the dance floor. This goes with item #9. Instead of putting the VIP tables right in the middle of the room, turn it into a mini dance floor. This’ll unsure that the couple have enough room during their first dance and there will be more room during the garter/bouquet games too.

We’re lucky to have the opportunity of seeing the Chapel on the Hill all decked out for a wedding. We now have a visual of how the place will look and h2b actually said that it looks nice, intimate, and cleans up real well.



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