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[Quotable Quotes] Good Coffee, Good Reads

Two things I love… Books… Coffee

As long as I can remember I’ve always been a book lover. The first place in school I ever felt comfortable in was not the classroom or the chapel but the library. My first friends were “Hardy Boys” and “Nancy Drew”… we meet once or twice every week. Seeing my interest in books, my mom even enrolled me in speed reading classes. Now, years and years later I still love reading anything and everything. I’m not a book nazi, I just love books and it doesn’t matter what genre I’m reading as long as I get to read at least one per week.

My love for coffee is a different one altogether. I started becoming a serious coffee drinker around 2 yrs ago. Used to hate the bitterness but now not much. I take my coffee with 1 sachet creamer and 2 sachets brown sugar (if available I use 1 tablespoon honey instead). I get by with a cup per day but I can go up to 2 cups and I’m fine.

My favorite way to spend a lazy day is hanging out at a coffee shop, drinking my coffee with a good book to read through. *heaven-on-earth*



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