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How Sweet it is to be Loved by You (Yes… you!)

I know it’s a bit late… but O-M-G boyfie gave me a love letter (ok, it’s more of a poem actually)!!!

Just a few days ago (after Valentine’s day to be exact) boyfie gave me a box of chocolates…

…but didn’t get the chance to eat it until this morning and I was uber surprised to find the first one not containing chocolates but a piece of paper folded inside! I read it and I still can’t believe he went through all the trouble of creating a short poem, putting it inside a chocolate wrapper and making it seem like nothing’s different from all the rest of it’s fellow chocolate balls. Should’ve known there was something when he started bugging me as to when I’ll actually eat the chocolates he gave me.

To better understand why I’m going gaga over this seemingly small thing, let me share a few things about my boyfie and our relationship. Let me just say that he is not the sentimental type. He doesn’t say “I love you” every day. He only learned to hold hands, hug me while sleeping, carry my bag, open the door when I get in the car because it’s something I like to do or I ask him to do for me. If I didn’t change our Facebook status to “in a relationship with (name here)” he won’t be changing his at all. We seldom go on real couple’s dates, no flowers, no impromptu trips, we go dutch on dates, he often forget monthseries/anniversaries so I have remind him about those too (this is where Google Calendar comes in handy)… that how things are and I’ve learned to accept them. Therefore, every “romantic” thing he’s ever done is automatically elevated to “monumental event” status. So in short, I hope no one blames me for currently walking on Cloud 9 here.

Argggg… still kilig (read: having that spine tingling sensation) over it!



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