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Of an Archbishop and Wedding Frivolities

I’m Catholic and so is my husband to be. A couple of months before the year ends, we’ll be married in a church of our choosing and will begin our journey as a family. But before that, we’ve been busy with the wedding preps since last year and admittedly, there are times when we dream of things that may be seen as going overboard when it comes to the wedding ceremony itself. I for one thought of having a unique entourage and bridal march just like the ones seen in youtube where they dance down the aisle to the tune of a pop song… or maybe having a door I’ll be walking through (the church doesn’t have one and I though of using white cloth or curtains in lieu of a door)… or have elaborate flower decors along the aisle… or having a unity candle ceremony… believe me there’s a lot more of those ideas in our head, all coming from the internet, most coming from weddings held outside our country.

One member of W@W posted this article from Philippine Daily Inquirer: Archbishop Tagle urges removal of frivolities from weddings, other rites

And it hit a note in me. It is true, modern (Filipino) weddings have become more of a family reunion/fiesta instead of the solemn rite it should be. Most couples (specially the brides) have become wrapped up with trying to put their personal touch in their weddings that most traditions are slowly being replaced with more “modern” ones. I’m kinda guilty of this too… I so want our wedding to have that personal touch that I forgot that, first and foremost, it is not just about me or my future husband or our families… it is a union of man and woman and the church (representation of Christ). Those butterflies flying or the bubble machine blowing full speed ahead while the bride walks down the aisle, the closed church doors prior to the bride entering, those flower girls throwing rose petals along the aisle, that rice throwing when the couple walks out of the church doors… they are just gimmicks we do to make the wedding more special in our minds. But I realized… what could possibly be more special than two people, two individuals willingly professing their love and their intent to be joined in Christ as husband and wife? Thinking of weddings as such… I think nothing, absolutely nothing, can mean more and make the day more special than that.

We’ve always dreamt of having a simple wedding ceremony and after reading that article I realized that I wasn’t being a plain jane at all. At the very least I can say I’m being traditional, but then what’s wrong with that. Not everyone is inclined to be a rebel… or maybe, I’m being the rebel by following tradition?!?! Hahaha… what an idea.

Here’s a wedding related quote that is very true… and for my bride-to-be readers… something we should keep near our hearts.

Let’s not obsess with the little things. Relax, everything will be alright.



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