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My (Guy) Best Friend’s Wedding

K+M Wedding

K+M Wedding

I found my (girl) best friend when I was in Grade 2 and at that time I thought all kids have a best friend of their own. As I got older I realized this wasn’t true… while I had my best friend, some go about their lives never finding theirs. I was one of the lucky ones to have found mine at such a young age. When I was in 2nd year high school, I came across the guy who eventually turned out to be my (guy) best friend… how lucky can a girl get, two best friends in one lifetime!?!?!?

Yep, me and my (guy) best friend, Karym, meet roughly 15 yrs ago. Being that (obviously) he’s a guy and I’m a girl, that didn’t really stop us from being close and enjoying each other’s company. I initially thought he’s very mayabang (cocky, arrogant or conceited) and I wasn’t keen on spending too much time around him. But after long phone conversations, a lot of letters exchanged and general patience on both sides, our friendship organically grew into something special and worth keeping. I can still remember all those songs we sang during our numerous phone calls, listening to him sing/play a song he composed, taking part when he was courting his first girl friend (I sang a song he dedicated to her), crying with him when we was still uncertain of his future after high school, being angry for his stupidity when he chose to get back together with a horrible ex-girlfriend, drinking bottles of beer when his heart got broken (first by a love lost then when he failed his 1st bar exams), then celebrating when he finally found the last girlfriend of his life (cause now she’s his wife). He’s the kind of guy who will take care of you once he decides to keep you. He will trust you and fight for you always. He has a lot of dreams for himself but above all of those, I know how much he wanted to have a family of his own. That was why when his last relationship failed, it was a very big blow to him. He thought he was marrying that girl but apparently fate had other plans for him.

I love my best friend to pieces and my greatest wish is for his dreams to come true cause I know no one deserves them more then he does. When he shared that there’s this girl, who happens to be my batchmate in high school, and how he thinks she’s “the one“, I was happy… yet cautious. He did just come from a broken heart not more than 2 yrs ago and I honestly didn’t want to go through the process of scrapping him off the pavement again. So I therefore chose to reserve judgement until such a time that I deem right. He invited her in some of our group’s get together and I saw how much they care for each other, how she takes care of him, how she keeps him grounded, calm, happy… I decided then to not only like her but to also love her too. Anyone who can make my best friend happy ranks high in my books… I’m easy that way. 🙂

Last April 19, 2012 they celebrated the culmination of their love and commitment to each other by participating in the rites of marriage. It was a very intimate and beautiful wedding… love, tears (mostly the groom’s… not surprised at all about that), and well-wishes were freely shared. While watching them exchange their vows I sent a little prayer of my own… I prayed that their love holds steadfast despite all the challenges they will eventually face together and that they walk in faith… in each other, in love, and in God.

Congratulations to Karym and Mabs!!! Please have kids soon… I want to spoil them already… Hehehe… ❤



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