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Wedding Update: 6 Months to Go!!!

Six more months to go and I guess it’s time to finally post an update…

Being such an OC (Obsessive Compulsive) bride we’re practically done with our list of suppliers since last year. And a good thing too since some suppliers tend to increase their rates every year. So yes, we already are so done with booking the following:

[x] Church
[x] Reception
[x] Pre-wedding Preps
[x] Bridal gown
[x] Mothers’ gowns
[x] Photographers
[x] Videographers
[x] OTD Coordinator w/ emcee
[x] Hair and Makeup
[x] Wedding Rings

We’ve been pretty busy too since the year started…

This January we went to Wellmanson’s Quiapo and bought supplies for our DIY wedding cord (c/o me) and rosary (c/o boyfie). It’s my first time there and I went pretty bonkers with all the beautiful beads I saw! I wanted to buy a lot of things but had to stop myself cause I know we won’t be needed all of them anyway. Aside from the beads, stoppers, fillers and wires, we also got round-nosed pliers and a wire cutter.

February was our anniversary month but aside from that we also (finally) had the time for the “pamamanhikan” (more traditional Filipino version of meet the parent). We had dinner at Max’s Restaurant but honestly, ours was not traditional at all. Since we’re the ones doing all the preps, it was mostly a formal meeting of the parents and we just outlined what we’ve done and the things that will still need our attention.

We met up with our P/V supplier this March to brainstorm for our prenup pictorial. It was initially scheduled for mid August but we ended up moving it to the first weekend of August instead. They gave us a list of things we need to provide/arrange prior to the shoot itself… like the permits, the storyboard, and the list of songs we want to use. We’re pretty much done with all the permits and we do have a song in mind… all that’s missing is the storyboard or outline of scenes to shoot.

April is a pretty jam-packed for us… I started finally with the cord but had to buy additional supplies so we went back to Wellmanson’s this weekend to get them. I promise to finish the cord real soon since I still have the DIY projects for our entourage. We attended the “Before I Do” workshop on the 2nd weekend of the month. Having the chance to participate in this workshop is something I’m thankful for… I learned a lot of things about marriage and about the responsibilities we’ll soon assume as husband and wife. It was an eye opener for both of us and we feel a little bit more prepared on what to expect. Soon after we got the news that our wedding rings are ready and that boyfie’s aunt got it for us from the alahera (jeweller). We went to her house to take a look at the finished product and asked her to hold on to it for safekeeping until our wedding. Just this week we had our first meeting with Emil. We kinda finalized my wedding gown design and he took my measurement already. He and boyfie also discussed the design for his suit, I swear they spent a longer time choosing the fabric, cut and color than I did with my gown! Boyfie’s just so particular about his clothes… *sigh* Finally, we already applied for our permit to conduct our prenup pictorial at BGC. For Php2,000 we’re allowed to shoot in all common areas, parks, art installations and Burgos Circle. I’d say it’s not a bad deal since that’s a lot of venues and I’m pretty sure we can get lots of photos already.

Within the next 3 months we need to finalize the members of the entourage, the guest list, and the design of our invitation… plus we need to start processing our documents (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, CENOMAR) too in preparation for our marriage license application and I do have to start with our DIY projects for the entourage. Wow, hectic! I guess things will really start to move a lot faster now that we’re nearing D-day…



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