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Booked: The ONE Exclusive

We almost didn’t meet up with The ONE Exclusive for the simple reason that we already have an OTD coordinator supplier (booked since 2011) but we’re glad we still pushed through with it cause we ended up letting go of our previous supplier and getting TOE instead! Before I give the reasons why we decided on this, let me share how the meetup went.

I initially contacted them last year when I was still looking for a coordinator supplier for us. Unfortunately, after a number of email exchanges, our meetup didn’t materialize, we booked another supplier, and I thought that was it. Fast-forward to April 2012, I sent an email to get a copy of their OTD services (to get an idea on their services so I can share the info with another bride-to-be) and found myself requesting for a meetup! We agreed to meet with Kath and her husband last May 1. We made small talk then shared info on how our wedding preps is getting along. We learned that they already had experiences handling events in our chosen venues so they were able to give us advice/tips which will be useful on the day itself. Also, when we enumerated our suppliers list, we found out that they’ve also had the chance to work with them at one time or another. We shared a few ideas we have for our wedding and then they discussed their OTD package. Two hours later and after answering a few questions we had, we said our good-byes.

H2b and I had a short discussion on what transpired during the meetup and we decided to get their services. So why the change of heart? First is that we felt more comfortable with TOE. The rapport was instant and it was different from the one we had with our previous coordinator. Second, we also felt more secure in the knowledge that they’ve handled events specifically in the venues of our choosing. In fact, they were able to give advice and tips that we feel will come in handy during our wedding. Lastly, they are already familiar with the other suppliers we have and they won’t be second-guessing each other anymore.

I then had the painful task of informing our former coordinator that we won’t be getting their services anymore. I was honest with them and told them our reasons. We think they did an excellent job so far and I will still recommend them to other couples looking for affordable coordinators. It was only a matter of preference that’s why we decided to let them go.

So there… new OTD coordinator team for us.



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