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Supplier Review: Freenup Experience

Free·nup /frē-nəp/ noun

– Free prenuptial or engagement shoot
– Part of the freebies during the Before I Do workshop

Photographers: Alex Ruelo of Imagine Nation + 2 apprentices
Venue: Washington Sycip Park Makati City

Aside from all the new things we learned and prizes we got when we attended the Before I Do workshop, all the couples who attended are also entitled to a free 2 hrs prenup or freenup as we call it. The photographer assigned to us was Alex Ruelo together with 2 apprentices. After a few text messages we finally came to an amicable schedule of May 12, 2012 (Saturday). Once that was settled, next was the venue. We wanted an outdoors shoot so we decided on Washington Sycip Park in Makati (near Greenbelt 1).

Side story… We went to the admin office of Macea and submitted our request letter containing the request details such as the date/time, persons involved during the shoot, equipment to use, and props. This got me all stressed out cause we really thought we won’t be getting their approval, that would’ve been bad for us. Well, technically speaking we got the approval but not for all our requests. A-ok for the date/time and use of the place as our venue, but no-no for the props… bummer! But then we don’t really have a choice do we, if we wanted to have our shoot in the park we have to follow their rules.

Ok back to regular programming… All things are finally in place, we’re ready as we can be. Come Saturday, we had an early start and picked up the team at 6:30am. Breakfast at Makati then we’re off to the park for the shoot proper.

This being our first photo shoot ever-ever… it’s an understatement to say that we don’t have any idea on what to expect! Even after all those hours looking at prenup photos of other people did not prepare us for the real thing. The park was small but Alex made the most out every nook and cranny of the place. No tree or stone or bench or art installation was exempted and thank goodness I didn’t wear a dress or it would’ve been uncomfortable following some of his instructions such as climbing them rocks or lying down on the grass. He patiently worked with us and that is no small feat. Ever since I can remember I’m not too fond of posing in front of a camera but Alex worked on us, directed our moves, gave advice on how to smile (and lessen my double chin), and even showed us the difference between us smiling and us having a serious face (this is where we learned that we look better when we smile). From the first text message we exchanged up till after the shoot itself, he was fun to work with and very game to entertain us with his stories and side comments. We started at 7:30am and finished at a little before 10am. By that time we were hot and tired but happy and giddy too! We enjoyed the photo shoot session and Alex (and his team) are loads of fun to work with. We’re excitedly waiting for our photos and we really can’t thank them enough for being patient with us.

Here are some photos of our photographers (confusing!!!)… Thanks… thanks… thanks guys!!!

Alex in action

Alex in action

Our photographers of the day

Our photographers of the day

What's so funny?! Hahaha...

What’s so funny?! Hahaha…

And here are a few tips/realizations…

(*) Familiarize yourself with the rules of your chosen venue. Ours required a letter containing our request for use of the park as our prenup pictorial venue. In the process of having it signed, we learned of a few restrictions such as no props allowed and we only have around 2hrs to do our shoot.

(*) An early morning shoot is advisable specially in public places such as parks or playgrounds. Not too many people just yet, nice lighting (sunrise), not too polluted yet, and most importantly, the weather was not too hot yet.

(*) Get creative with your props. As per the request letter, we weren’t allowed to bring any of the props we wanted to (like a picnic basket, books, game boards, balloons, bubbles, etc.) so what we did was bring a paper bag containing a couple of books and an ipod. During the shoot, we made it look like I was reading a book and h2b was listening to his ipod. Those things are inconspicuous since it was something other park goers would normally do.

(*) Wear appropriate clothes. It was a park, as much as I wanted to wear a dress I was glad I didn’t cause my movement might’ve been restricted and I didn’t want that.

(*) On a more personal note… I need to lose weight. Seriously. It doesn’t look as good when I have double chin in my pictures and it’s hard to lower my chin and stick my neck out just so I can kinda eliminate it. *sigh*

(*) Lastly, and very important, feed your suppliers. In our case, photographers. What they do, it’s hard work! We were only the models but please I wanted to just sit down and rest after the shoot. We were tired and hot so I can just imagine how our photographers felt since they’re the ones walking around looking for that “perfect” photo spot.



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