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RIP Dolphy

With the death of Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon, July 10, 2012 will forever symbolize the passing of an era for me. I’m too young to remember the numerous black and white movies he made but I was aware enough during the John En Marsha and Home Along Da Riles. I remember laughing at his funny antics on screen and I loved his interaction with the other casts. His kindness is legendary and many stories have been told of his love for the “little people” he’s worked with in show business. He died a bachelor but not without having a great love though… it’s just that him and Zsa Zsa never got around to formally getting married. But for me, their more that 2 decades of being together is a testament enough of how strong their love is. He is very lucky to be surrounded by so many people who loves him and accepts him for who he is.

I was watching the news and came across a clip of Zsa Zsa’s eulogy. It was beyond touching and I found myself shedding tears despite my heroic effort not to do so. Here’s a clip of the eulogy (watch when you’re alone unless you’re ok with people/strangers see you cry):

Here are a few words from ABS-CBN chairman and chief executive officer Eugenio Lopez III. He summed it up perfectly, Dolphy exemplified the best of the Filipino characteristics.

RIP Dolphy… thank you for all the laughter 🙂



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