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Wedding Update: 3-month Mark

This is it then, we’re now within the 3-month prescribed period for most of our church related papers. We’re done with booking most of our suppliers (we’re just missing the one who’ll be printing our invites) and now we’ve started requesting for the different requirements for our marriage license and for the church wedding itself.

Last Friday (August 4), we requested for our certificate of birth, baptism, and confirmation. Together with those, we also requested for our CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage). No one ever said that getting married is cheap, and just to prove that, getting those certificates have already set us back by about Php 1,000. Here’s the breakdown so far:

* Bride’s Baptismal Certificate – Php 100
* Bride’s Certificate of Confirmation – Php 50
* Groom’s Baptismal Certificate – Php 100
* Groom’s Certificate of Confirmation – Php 50
* Bride and Groom’s Birth Certificate and CENOMAR – Php 710 (Php 160 + Php 195)

For the Baptismal and Confirmation certificates, we had to go directly to the respective parishes where those documents are registered. For the NSO documents, we just went to SM Megamall and filed our application there. We’ll be getting them in about 10 days time (cause apparently, it takes a while to produce the CENOMAR). Thank goodness SM already accepts request for NSO documents, I really don’t want to have to go to NSO head office and request for them there. It’s too much of a hassle for us.

Aside from preparing for those documents, we have also successfully finished our prenup pictorial with Gian and Fidji (Photoimagicraft). It was scheduled for August 4 and 5, that’s a Saturday and Sunday. The thing is, a few days back, it has started to rain like it’s nobody’s business and we even heard on the news that a storm is coming into the country that very same weekend! It wasn’t much of an issue during our Saturday shoot since it was done indoors, the problem is our Sunday shoot which was done outdoors around BGC. Oh my goodness, come Saturday night I was praying real hard that we be given at respite from all the rain even for just that one day. Luckily, heaven seems to be listening to me at that time cause we had a great weather during our morning shoot and our photographer/videographer got great shots. Unfortunately, the good weather did not last until the end of the day. After lunch, at around 2pm, it started to rain in sheets. Just when our venue is the playground and we’re supposed to be having a great time playing around there. So what can we do but make the most out of what’s thrown our way. Our Gian/Fidji asked us to pose using our umbrella as props! We wanted some gloomy looking shoots in the rain and I guess we did get our wish then. It was pretty much a game of hide-and-seek for us, we keep on searching for opportunities to continue with our shoot despite the downpour. Thankfully, we did finish our shoot at around 4pm.

Between requesting for our documents and our prenup shoot, it’s been a tiring weekend for both of us. But we’re still happy to be done with those tasks. We’ll be moving onto finalizing our invites, looking for a supplier who’ll print them for us, and distribute them to our guests (hopefully before September ends). Plus, I’ll need to finalize the DIY items for our entourage which is getting to be a bit complex now. Also, we’ll be having our food tasting at Sonya’s this month and I’m definitely excited about that (I’m a glutton, what can I say… hahaha…).

Anyways… till next update then 🙂



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