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DIY: Entourage Wrist Corsages

Yey, another set of entourage DIY is d-o-n-e!!! 🙂

Materials used are… flower corsages, floral belt, buttons, and lace ribbon (all from Carolina’s) plus our ever trusty glue gun which is currently being over-used for the past few weeks and will continually be abused for the coming weeks.

These are the ones for the female secondary sponsors:

Female Entourage corsages

Female Entourage corsages

We made use of the burgundy floral belt, cut it up to pieces and glued them back onto the lace ribbon. Below is a closer view of the corsage.

Female Entourage corsages - close up

Female Entourage corsages – up close

These are the ones for the female principal sponsors:

Female Principal Sponsors

Female Principal Sponsors

We made use of the ready made floral corsages, glued two pieces of large buttons at the back, pinned the corsage onto the lace ribbon, then glued (again) the buttons onto the ribbon this time. We did this to prevent the corsages from moving too much.

Female Principal Sponsors - up close

Female Principal Sponsors – up close

And just to tie everything up, the male principal sponsors will be using this as their boutonniere:

Male Principal Sponsors Boutonniere

Male Principal Sponsors Boutonniere

Can’t take credit for making this since we bought it as is.

Once again, big-BIG hugs and thanks to my boyfie for patiently wielding the (glue) gun. He even got his finger burnt once… but I kissed his boo-boo away so everything’s good. Hehehe… 🙂



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