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Our Monogram

It was only two months to go till “The Big Day” when we realized we still haven’t had our invites printed and we haven’t even chosen our monogram yet!!! *gasp*faint*

Why the importance of the monogram? We’ll be using them to secure the invite flaps that’s why! We don’t want it to just look like your ordinary Arial or San Serif font enclosed in a box type border, so about a few weeks ago I bullied (yes, I seem to be doing a lot of bullying lately) my (graphic artist) sister into making a couple or so designs for us to choose from. Boyfie chose the font and sister only had to create the border thingy. We wanted something that can easily be cut using a pair of scissors or better yet a cutter so no circles, ovals, or any irregular shapes for us.

Here’s what we chose:



Sorry for the low quality, I think my sister will still do something about it to define the lines or maybe make the colors more solid.  Actually, I just forgot what it’s called but she’ll still do something  to make it look more defined prior to printing.

We chose this for it’s simple but artsy look and the fact that we can cut this one using our trusty cutter and cutting mat. She’ll just puts guide lines for us to follow which will ensure even sizes during cutting. I liked the stained ink effect on the top right part cause it makes it not look to neat while the tree branches (I think they somehow look like an outline of cherry blossoms or something) are just perfect for our wedding invite design (which also contains a tree).

Special thanks goes out to my sister who’s instrumental in creating not only this monogram but also our invite design. Never mind the fact that I had to bully and manhandle her into doing them… the results are all that matters! Hahaha… just kidding! I’d like to think that my sister is doing this because she loves me and wants me to be happy. *wink*wink* Seriously, if not for my sister’s talent we’d most probably end up spending more on having someone else do the design/layout for us.  Having her do the design/layout also ensures that we’ll have control over the design process… something that’s really important for someone as OC as me. Just the few perks of having an artistic member of the family! 🙂

So there, we’ve chosen our monogram and we can finally have our invites printed by next week too (after mom proofreads it). We’re cutting it close aren’t we… maybe we like living on the edge that way. Or not! *sigh*



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