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Update: Marriage License, Submit Church Documents & Canonical Interview

August and September are crunch time months for us. It being within the three month period, we had to prepare the various documents needed by the church and the government. It’s a mess really, but what this just means to me, aside from more expenses, is that our wedding is really becoming more real! Omagawd…

We applied for our Marriage License last August. We had to take another whole day leave of absence from our respective offices since the application process and the family planning seminar would take a whole day it seems. We applied at San Mateo municipal hall since boyfie lives in that municipality. We got there at around 10AM, went up to the Civil Registrar’s office (at the 2nd floor of the Municipal Hall) and submitted our documents for checking. Documents submitted included the following:

  • Marriage license application – 3 copies
  • Cenomar – original and photocopy
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of Family Planning seminar – to follow (scheduled for that same afternoon)

Since the family planning seminar was scheduled for that afternoon, the lady at the Civil Registrar’s office just checked our application forms then asked us to come back in the afternoon after the seminar. We had to wait for about 3 hours since the seminar is not till 2PM (registration starts at 1:30PM) and the seminar lasted for only 1.5 hour or so. Unfortunately, there was no family planning session at that time since the representative from the health department did not show up. Awwwww… and I was super excited for that particular session! There were about 6 or 7 couples who attended the seminar but it was only us who filed our application form on that day.

After the seminar, we went back to the municipal hall and paid the necessary fees. All in all we spent Php 360.00 for the seminar and processing fee. We actually had to wait for about 30 mins for our certificate to be signed by a health department representative. I was getting quite nervous cause it was after 4PM already and, knowing how government offices work, I was worried that we might not be able to file our marriage license application on that day. Fortunately, we were able to get our certificate before 4:45PM. We rushed towards the Treasurer’s office, paid the final fees, wait for the lady  to finish typing and filing our application in their books, then FINALLY, go back to the Civil Registrar’s and submit our complete documents. YEHEY!!!

We got our marriage license last September 11 (what a memorable date not only for us but for the whole world as well):

Our Marriage License

Our Marriage License

I blocked out personal information but this is the copy of our actual Marriage License 🙂

Next, we scheduled our trip to the (temporary) office of the Our Lady of All Nations Parish to submit those same documents last September 15. Here’s the front view of their office at Canyon Woods viewing deck:

Temporary office of the parish at Canyon Woods

Temporary office of the parish at Canyon Woods

While waiting for our turn I started taking some shots overlooking Canyon Woods. Look at the fog creeping up the mountain:

Overlooking Canyon Woods

Overlooking Canyon Woods

Overlooking Canyon Woods

Overlooking Canyon Woods

It was a very rainy/stormy weekend but we braved the weather nonetheless. We left Manila at around 6:30AM and got to their office at a little before 9AM. Even that early, we were already the second couple to arrive. Ms. Anne gave us our consent forms to fill out and we arranged our respective documents for submission. Unfortunately, there was no electricity in the area at the time we were there so Ms. Anne and another assistant had to write on all the forms (Marriage Banns and Permission to Marry). Total damage on our wallets… Php 5,000.00 for chapel donation to the parish and Php 2,160.00 for the processing fee. *ouch*

Aside from submitting our documents, we also had our Canonical Interview with Father Milo. According to some of my married friends, prior to the interview we’ll each be asked to fill out a questionnaire and then the priest will discuss our responses during the interview itself. From there he’ll be able to determine our compatibility (or something like that). So when we got there I wasn’t nervous about it. Our interviews lasted less than 15 mins each. Father Milo was very talkative but I also learned a lot from him. He discussed the reason why Catholics should get married in the church and not just have a civil wedding ceremony, the roles of the husband and wife, that we should be willing to procreate, about legal separation and annulment, and many other technicalities of a Catholic marriage. We got our wedding banns and my permission to marry forms after the interviews. It’s now ready for submission in our respective parishes. We’re done by 11AM and headed off to Sonya’s after. We discuss something with Ms. Gerlie about our food selection and paid the 50% of the total amount (this is just an extra update… hehehe…).

So there, it’s been a busy weekend for us and next week won’t be any different with our scheduled pre-cana seminar, visit to our parishes (to submit our banns and my permission to marry), and wedding invite printing. Next update in 1 week’s time… till then 🙂



One thought on “Update: Marriage License, Submit Church Documents & Canonical Interview

  1. Great blog. Im getting married in chapel on the hill as well. Very helpful. 🙂 what time did your ceremony start?

    Posted by Hannah | September 12, 2013, 1:57 pm

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