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Update: Pre-cana Seminar, Submit Marriage Bann/Permission to Marry – Check!

As D-day comes closer, we’ve been busy with all the church requirements and part of that is attending a pre-cana seminar. We’re lucky that the parish near boyfie’s place allow couples getting married outside their church to attend the seminar they give. So yesterday we finally attended the seminar and also got the certificate as proof that we did complete it as required.

The seminar lasted from 8AM to 5PM. It was divided into 2 parts. The AM session was catechism about marriage as taught by the Church. It covered everything from Adam and Eve of the Old Testament up to the New Testament teachings of Christ about love. This was given by one of the catechists of the parish. The PM session was about marriage counseling and some sex education / family planning on the side. Items discussed here includes what to expect after getting married, how to raise kids, how to keep the love alive, etc. They even discussed the differences between a man and a woman, physically, emotionally, and sexually (yeah, even that was discussed). This time the seminar was given by a couple who’s been married more that 30 yrs already.

We both thought the morning session was pretty much a snooze-fest. I guess this is due to the fact that we both came from Catholic schools and the things discussed by the catechist was already taken up during our Theology class (Marriage and Family Life). The afternoon session was pretty fun and very much a learning experience for us. Given that we don’t have any prior experience on being married to someone, it was an eye-opener. I would personally recommend couples planning to get married to attend one of the many pre-cana seminars, either from their respective parishes or from those given by other marriage encounter groups.

After the pre-cana seminar we went directly to boyfie’s parish to submit his Marriage Bann. We paid Php 200.00 for this and we’ll be able to claim it after 3 Sundays. As for my Marriage Bann and Permission to Marry, we submitted those this morning. We got to our parish at 9AM and was a bit surprised that the office was still closed! Considering that office hours was from 8AM to 5PM and there was a sign there that says “Please observe office hours“. Darn it… not fair!!! Anyway, we had to wait for about 10 mins until boyfie came across a guy working on the other side of the church who helped us. Apparently, the parish secretary had a doctor’s appointment that morning and will be coming in late. Still, there was a lady inside and I think (based on how she looked when we finally got in) she’s doing some cooking/cleaning around the place that’s why the office wasn’t open yet. Anyway, forgive my little rant there, all’s well that end’s well… we submitted my documents and paid Php 200.00 (for the bann) and another Php 200.00 (for the permission to marry). Same as with boyfie’s, I’ll be getting those forms back after 3 Sundays.

Yehey, more and more it feels like everything is falling into place. A month and a few more days to go… 🙂



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