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Update: Final Fitting and DIY Invites

The last weekend of September was a very, very, VERY busy one for us. First off, we had another scheduled fitting of our gowns (and boyfie’s suit too). It was a rainy/stormy Saturday morning that greeted us and I was dreading the travel we’ll have to go through to get to Emil’s shop. Maybe heaven took pity on us and spared us from the heavy rains by mid morning. We took the train from Katipunan all the way to Recto and after a short jeepney ride, we got to Emil’s shop at a little after 11AM. We were a bit late but since there was another client ahead of us, it wasn’t that much of a bother then. So onto the fitting results… my gown is practically finished!!! All the beading and lace are already there and the skirt too looks like the skirt I want. There will be some minor adjustments and the skirt will be tucked, for the final time. Am I happy with it… YES!!! Now for the other gown for my friend’s wedding (wherein I’m a bridesmaid), this one is really all done… unfortunately, upon fitting there seems to be a problem with the zipper so they’ll have to replace that one. For boyfie’s suit, he said it’s almost done too but there’ll be some adjustments for the arm/sleeves area cause he’s having a hard time raising his arms. Side story, boyfie had 2 vests done in different colors… one in black, one in white. I’m feeling like he’s more arte (fussy) with what he’ll be wearing than I am with what I’ll be wearing. Ok back to the gown fitting stories… For the moms, just some minor adjustments (tucks and shortening of sleeves) and they gowns will also be done. In fact, we’ll be able to get the mothers’ gowns and my bridesmaid gown this coming weekend. While boyfie’s suit will also be ready by then, we’ll just ask Emil to bring it (along with my gown) on our wedding day itself.

After our visit with Emil, we went to Divisoria with the goal of buying some materials for our entourage items, paper for our missal/menu/program, and paper cutter/scorer for our invites. BUT… we didn’t get any of those things there. We went to mom’s paper supplier in Cubao for the paper supplies (including the cardboard which will be used to make the boxes we need) instead. Still no sign of the paper cutter/scorer though. What we bought from Divi instead are mongo hopia from Baker’s Fair. What the heck… Hahahaha…

Finally, we got to UP Coop by late Saturday afternoon. This is where we’ll have our invites printed and as backup (in case there’ll be some edits to be done) my sister came with us too! We got the printed invites a little before 8PM and it’s time to go home!!! Looks like the next day promises to be as busy…

Helloooooo Sunday!!! After going to mass in the morning, we went to the mall to buy ink refills for the printer AND I’m just overjoyed that we also got the paper cutter/scorer (from Office Warehouse) while we’re there. Full speed ahead with the DIY invites then… here are a few photos during our invitation assembling session:

Fellowes Rotary Trimmer Electron A3

Fellowes Rotary Trimmer Electron A3 in action

As I stated already, got our paper cutter/ scorer from Office Warehouse. I wanted to get the one for A4 sized paper but boyfie suggested that we get the bigger one (which happens to be for the A3 sized paper) since the price difference is only Php 300. The paper cutter was very useful since boyfie had to trim the lower edges of the raw invites (seems like they didn’t cut it properly) and then score each sheet and fold them too! I have to say, I don’t envy his task.

Here are the inside/outside views of our invite. These guys are awaiting their turn on the scoring board:

Invite - inside

Invite – inside

Invite - outside

Invite – outside

Looks like something a kid would draw huh? 🙂

While boyfie was busy with the trimming and scoring, I was busy trying to figure out how I can print the recipient’s names at the back of each envelope. We didn’t want to have it done by a professional calligrapher since we’re thinking that might be too costly so I searched the internet for ways to DIY them. I was fortunate to find a tutorial (Printing Envelopes Using Excel and Word) that helped me understand the steps needed for it. I shared the link in hopes that this might come in handy for other DIY brides like me. Also, just a tip… I found it difficult to ensure that the darn envelopes will not move out of line while inside the printer until boyfie suggested that I attach each envelope onto a sheet of paper (I used an A4 paper). Thanks to a little bit of magic tape on all four sides, envelope printing is once again on the go! We were able to assemble around 35 pcs of invites yesterday… and yes, we’re mighty proud of it too! 😀

How much did we spend that very busy weekend?

  • Php 2,000 for the printing of our invites
  • Php 2,450 for the Fellowes Rotary Trimmer Electron A3 (from Office Warehouse)
  • Php 1,450 for the HP ink refills (black and colored)
  • Php 1,500 estimate for the A4 sized boards (for our menu printout per table) and the boards for the DIY boxes
  • Php 2,000 estimate for additional expenses (transportation, food, etc.)

It is wayyyyyy too expensive to get married in the Philippines! *sigh*



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