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Update: Wedding Stories and Highlights

The wedding ceremony is done, the reception is over, payments have all been made (except for that of our photographer)… now we’re into our honeymoon period. It’s our first weekend as husband and wife *shudders*… still trying to wrap my head around that idea really.

I do have a lot of blog posts to do… namely the ones for our supplier’s reviews. *gasp* That is something that will most probably take sooooo much from me (and hubby if he cooperates :D). For now, I better start sharing some of our experiences (the day) before and during that day. Please pardon my timeline, I swear if I try to write everything that’s happened it’ll take too long. So there are the highlights, or at least the ones I think are highlights…

“October 30, 2012”

We planned on not going to work anymore but we still had to pickup the butterflies from The Wedding Library MoA. We were rushing a bit since hubby’s car was coding that day and we had to travel from Rizal area to MoA. Yikes!!! We got to MoA at around 11AM, had lunch, bought some stuffs (namely toiletries, junk food, etc), ran some errands, then picked up the butterflies. After doing all those things, we’re finally on our way to Tagaytay by 1PM.

When we got there, we first went to Chapel on the Hill to settle the remaining balance. There was an on-going wedding so we had an idea that ours will most probably be over by 3:30PM. *excited much*

We checked in at Yellow Coco at around 4PM and I realized how un-traditional we are… it was me and hubby who checked in, the day before our wedding, way ahead of our respective families. Well, who cares!!! (Certainly not us…)

Hubby’s family and relatives got there by 6PM then we had all had dinner. Imagine me, eating dinner with hubby’s family instead of my own… but can’t be helped since my family got there at 10PM. What the heck!!! Apparently, they had to prepare the flowers, then they had dinner. When they eventually got to Yellow Coco, mom was so busy preparing/arranging the flowers. It was only the next day that I found out she slept for only an hour. My goodness! Zombie mode: ON

Now Apol (bestfriend/MoH) and Tani (very close friend/bridal car driver) got there at 8PM.

Two of the bestest kind of friend

Two of the bestest kind of friend

We ended up having an all-girls sleepover… first time ever since becoming friends from waaaaaaaaaay back grade school. Those two have got to be one of the bestest type of friend there is… they brought Hoegaarden beer with them!!!

Hoegaarden... one (or two) for the road

Hoegaarden… one (or two) for the road

Beer + All-night girl talk = I ❤ those two 😀 And yes, it was literally an all-nighter for us cause we ended up sleep at 1AM… on MY wedding day!!! *Zzzzzzzzz*

“October 31, 2012”

Alarm clock: 6AM

This is it!!!! Even with only 5 hrs of sleep I feel like the energizer bunny. After a quick bath, the suppliers started coming in. First were the P&V team (Gian & Fidji), then the HAMU team (Edz), OTD came next (The One Exclusive)… By this time it’s only about 8AM. Emil came at around 10AM, just in time to help out with the dressing up part.

By 7:30AM, everything was starting to get chaotic, but who cares I was just happy running around trying to keep everything/everyone as organized (and comfortable) as possible. As what my suppliers commented, “Ako na ang bride na ikot ng ikot (I’m the bride who keeps on running around).

Edz finally got me seated on the HAMU chair at around 9:30AM and facial reconstruction (via her makeup magic) is now in progress.

Side story… while I was having my makeup done, hubby’s mom was having her hair done. We (me and Fidji) were teasing mom that she might end up crying during the ceremony… then… she actually started crying! Waaaaaaaa… Oh nos!!!!

So back to the craziness…

10AM found me having my hair done… first it was blow dried, then it was flat-ironed, then curled, then braided, then hair pinned/spray netted to an inch of my hair’s life. (This is the main culprit to my hair’s lifeless body as of writing) While seated on the hairdresser’s chair, 2 of my college friends finally arrived to help out. Yehey I can now pass on the cash envelope so that’s one thing off my mind.

Lunch was served at 11AM… thank you Jollibee for providing our sustenance for that afternoon. I barely touched my food, I was that busy (still running all around) and I’m guessing I was too excited since I’ll be dressing up in a few minutes. Edz instructed me not to brush my teeth anymore to prevent my lipstick/makeup from making a disappearing act… but due to my hardheadedness, I still brushed my teeth of course!

12NN… I am now having a pictorial wearing my robe. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to buy a robe prior to our wedding preps or else I’ll be wearing some ratty shirt in all of those pictures. One thing I learned is that carrying the bridal bouquet gets tiring after a while and smiling for effect is such an Effort… with a capital “E”! By this time I swear I just wanted the whole thing to be over and done with. Really.

1PM… I’m finally in my gown (yey I still fit!!!), all picture taking/posing/etc is done and we’re on our way to Chapel on the Hill! Woot-woot!!! Once again, special thanks to my driver (very close friend, and sister from another mother) 😀

Side story… once we got to the church we had to wait for a lot longer than initially expected since once of the principal sponsors requested that we wait for him to arrive (took him about 15 more mins or so) and I was dying inside the car wanting to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness there was a comfort room inside the guardhouse of the Don Bosco retreat house… thank you Manong Guard for letting me use the CR!!! I would’ve died or maybe just did something embarrassing if not for him letting me weewee.

Pause… I just realized this post is soooooo long already, but I swear this’ll take just a few more paragraphs…

Walking down the aisle moment… but before that… funny story, the bridal car was that of my friend’s (a girl). While I was waiting for “the walk“, Kath came by the driver side to request that the car be moved closer to the entrance (to “hide” me from view). So there was Kath, opening the driver’s side door saying “Manong, pwede… AY! (Sir, can you… AY!)”. We were laughing to much cause she really wasn’t prepared to see the bridal car’s driver as a she instead of a he. I wasn’t nervous but if I was, that would’ve been the ice breaker needed… that was a real laugh trip!

Awwwwww… moments:

  • There I was waiting for my cue, the curtains parted, I started walking down the aisle. I looked at hubby and saw him take a very deep, shaky breath… *melts*
  • While hubby was reciting his personal vow, he suddenly started tearing up. Oh my, not what I was expecting really. Took us a while for him to finish his vow since he keeps on pausing (and crying). *kilig*

After ceremony photo session lasted until a little before 4PM… thank God for such a fine weather during our wedding, we got really good photos (no need for reflectors, just some external flash) to remember the moment. Retouch session and a mini snack when we got to Sonya’s. My gawd, Sonya’s bread is the god of breads. It’s so warm and soft and yummy! There was another photo session prior to the reception proper and yes, I’m so tired already and I just want to get things over and done with… really!

Reception started at 5:30PM and I ❤ Anton for being such a fun emcee. Too bad a lot of people went home after the ceremony but we understand, it being the day before Nov 1 and most are going back to their provinces. We reserved for 100 pax but only about 80 pax attended the reception… Still, food was superb! This is not only according to me (or hubby) buy also from all the other guests present that night.

Fast forward to the program’s end… we finished up pretty early. 8PM and we’re saying our farewells already. By this time, I was so tired, feeling the weight of the gown… who knew that a piece of clothing can actually feel like a ton after 8 hrs of wearing it. All I wanted to do was get out of my gown, scrub my face clean, and wash off all the hair products in my hair. I finally got to do all those things by 10PM and I was beyond happy to be au naturel once again.

So there… those are just some of the highlights that happened. I swear there were a lot of things in between what I’ve shared here but I just can’t put them all into writing or else this will be an equivalent of a novel already. Supplier’s review/ratings coming soon…



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