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Supplier’s Review: Yellow Coco

Note: Highest rating is 5 stars

  • Customer Service:☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
  • Value for Money: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
  • Over-all: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Blog post of our booking (and some photos of the place) HERE.

We got to Yellow Coco at around 4PM. Transactions (check-in, tour/check items/turnover of keys and remote controls, handling of additional requests) with the lady in charge was smooth and she was very much accommodating. Hubby requested for a change of pillow cases in their bedroom when he saw that there seem to be some dirt on them and she asked housekeeping to change it right away. Unfortunately, there was no microwave available for use even if there was one when we inquired/booked their place. Still, they made up for it by allowing us to bring our own stove and she even reheated our food (1 whole roasted chicken) for no additional cost.

The bride’s preps place was good for 12 adults plus 2 kids and it was more than enough for us (me and my family, 2 friends, 2 drivers, 1 yaya). Our house had 2 bedrooms and 2 toilet/baths (with heated water). They provided towels, blankets, extra bed sheets for the pull-outs, bathroom tissues, and bath soaps. There was a refrigerator, an electric fan, a flat screen TV, and aircon units (one each room) for our use too. At first the place seemed to dark/gloomy but once the lights were lit and people started coming it felt lived in and comfortable.

The groom’s preps place was a lot smaller, good for 8 adults plus 2 kids only. It was a loft type structure where the sala/dining area is on the ground floor while the loft area serves as the bedroom. There was only 1 bathroom for them but all other items are same as those of ours.

Breakfast consisted of rice, sunny side-up eggs, longganisa, fruit juices, and coffee. It was served in their dining room which I think may be able to seat around 50-60 pax at a time.

There were many strategic place for photography use inside and around the house  (windows, sliding doors, front door, sofas, lawn, plants, deck chairs, etc). There were many houses inside the compound but there weren’t any other guests aside from our family so we didn’t have to worry about sharing space with other people.

Thumbs up…

  • Location… It was located right along the highway, very accessible, just a few minutes away from Chapel on the Hill
  • Customer service… Person in charge was very welcoming and accommodating.
  • Appeal of place… As I’ve stated above, there were many areas for photo opportunities. The photographers didn’t have a hard time looking for a place to shoot.

Thumbs down…

  • Toilet/Bath rooms are sooooo small… I’m not tall myself and I kept on banging my knees and elbows while brushing my teeth, using the toilet and taking a bath. Water from the shower was so weak we had to move real close to the walls just to get all the soap/shampoo off our bodies. *hard work*
  • No provisions for cooking/heating food… when we first checked the place I remember seeing a microwave oven but when we checked in, there was none available for our use. We can rent a butane stove or request for reheating of our food for an extra cost. Sucks since we brought food… saving grace was that they allowed us to reheat the food (since it was only 1 dish) at no extra cost.
  • Utensils available for extra cost only.

Damage on our pockets: Php 15,800 (Apitong A and Acacia)



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