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Supplier’s Review: Chapel on the Hill

Note: Highest rating is 5 stars

  • Customer Service: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
  • Value for Money: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
  • Over-all: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Blog post of our booking (and some photos of the placeHERE.

Because we learned that some churches need to be booked at least 1 year ahead of our preferred date, we went up to Nasugbu and booked the church on the same month hubby proposed. Yeah, I’m a little bit paranoid that way. But it turned out we didn’t need to worry… it seems that no one else was crazy enough to book their wedding on Halloween. 🙂

I liked how every transactions we had with their admin was smooth and hassle free. Be it their Manila or Nasugbu staff, they were very accommodating and entertained all our inquiries. The person in charge inside the church (sorry forgot the name) was very helpful in everything, and I mean everything… from answering all our questions, to giving us an overview of how the inside of the church will look on the day itself, to helping us measure the doorway (for the curtains), to showing us how the sound systems works, and even offering us a cup of hot choco when we chanced upon them preparing the place for a wedding. He wasn’t only there during the preps, he was also there on the wedding day itself! He was wearing a suit himself and helped out during the ceremony. Things would’ve not ran as smoothly if not for his help.

Side story… super thank you also to the person in their guard house (I don’t think he’s the guard since he wasn’t in uniform… or maybe that’s just how I saw it) who allowed me too take a pee (on our wedding day itself) while waiting for the ceremony to start. I blame it all on my temperamental bladder and not on my nerves. Really!

And did I mention they provide hot choco/coffee for all their guests on the event day itself? They do!!! This came as a pleasant surprise for me and I just think that things like this makes a lot of difference in terms of customer service.

Kudos to all their staff!!!

Thumbs up…

  • Very accommodating staff… since the time we inquired, to the time we booked, to our many visits to the place, to our wedding day… they were beyond two thumbs up!
  • Excellent customer service… it’s the little things that count and I am beyond satisfied with what they provided. We didn’t have to worry about the bread/host, wine and water, chair labels, sacristan, sound system, etc. since those were provided by them already.
  • Solemn place… we wanted a solemn and simple ceremony and that is what we got. Despite the restrictions they had, we didn’t mind at all. The place had a peaceful ambiance and I thought it was a perfect place to declare our commitment to each other as husband and wife.

Thumbs down…

  • Location… it was toooooo far away from Manila. BUT as I see it, that wasn’t a problem at all for us. I think this would be more of a problem for our guests.
  • Restrictions… some I remember are: no throwing of flower petals/confetti/etc inside and outside the church and no loud music. AGAIN, this was not a problem with us but it might be an issue for some. For those who want to use bubble machine/smoke machine/butterflies inside the church, I’d suggest you inquire with them first if they’ll allow it.

Damage on our pockets: Php 19,150

Church fee = Php 12,000

Church donation = Php 5,000

Processing fee = P2,150



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