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Supplier’s Review: The One Exclusive

Note: Highest rating is 5 stars

  • Customer Service: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
  • Value for Money: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
  • Over-all: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Blog post of our booking HERE.

Kath (L) and Tess (R) checking the ceremony box

Kath (L) and Tess (R) checking the ceremony box

And now for one of the most awaited reviews… that of the OTD (on-the-day) coordinator. In my opinion, they belong to the lists of major suppliers that can make or break your wedding day. Given the fact that you’ll be entrusting every single detail of that day in their care… things are literally (and figuratively speaking) in their hands. I’ve already shared the history of how we booked their services and, now that our wedding is done, I have to say I have no regrets at all. We got Kath (together with her husband, Patrick) and her team instead of Thoffy simply because she was the one I was communicating with. For our emcee we had Anton… review for his emcee prowess to follow. Besides, I wasn’t aware of any issues they were having, they (both Kath and Thoffy) were professionals that way.

I wasn’t one of the brides who’d ask questions or inquire about suppliers with our coordinator. Maybe because I was OC enough to actually do my own research, I didn’t need that much input from them. Still, I’d ask some questions, specially on what to expect during the day itself and the time frame during the preps. Every time we’d meetup I make a lists of questions I have and Kath gave answers and even assurances when needed. She gave me a checklist of items I needed to accomplish and list of names I needed to submit which helped me during our preps.

With regards to our meetings and her replies to my emails/texts, I have to admit that this is sore spot for me. I get kinda neurotic and OC prior to meeting up with suppliers, I fear they might cancel the meeting (and this is right after I fix our schedule so we can actually take the time to meetup) or we might not have enough time to discuss the things we need to talk about. And there was actually that one time she almost cancelled our meeting… Argggg! Luckily, she just decided to move it to a (much) later time instead. Another thing is that I’m kind of impatient when it comes to replies to my emails/texts and one thing I had to exercise with my dealings with Kath is my (almost nonexistent) patience. It took a lot of will power and discipline for me not to follow up everyday when Kath doesn’t reply right away. Anyway, I did find out that one of the best times to send them anything is during the wee hours of the night/morning. I’d usually send my message at around 12 midnight, the next morning there’ll most probably be a reply from them then. But this is not a guaranteed technique. Truth be told, they are just sometimes too busy with their clients (specially if the events are one after another) and they can’t answer our emails right away… sad really and this was something I wasn’t  a big fan of.

One thing I learned from Kath is to organize all items under categories… those under items for the ceremony (missals, secondary sponsor candles/matches/veil/cord, coins, dummy ring, boutonnieres/corsages/headbands/pomanders for the entourage, items for offertory, final instructions for all ceremony participants, etc) and those under items for the reception (menu per table with assembly instructions, guestbooks, thank you cards, souvenirs, gifts for entourage, wine for toasting, chips for cocktail hour, etc). I placed all those items in 2 separate stackable containers (except for the souvenir cause they have their own container) for easy transport. Each container (and even the items inside the container) have their own labels and inside is a checklist of the items included in the box. As I said, I’m OC and doing this gave me peace of mind. A number of times, while preparing those boxes, I realized an item or two was still missing so I had time to look for or prepare those items. Aside from that, on the day itself they didn’t have to keep on asking me where some of the items were since they can easily consult the checklist I made. For other OC brides like me, this may come in handy not only during the preps period but, most specially, during the day itself. Believe me, once you open your eyes on D-day, everything will start moving so fast you won’t even have time to properly process things and keeping things organized during the preps period will help a lot.

So how was their on the day performance/services? I have to honestly say it wasn’t perfect. But then during our preps period I already psyched myself into setting more realistic standards and this was one of the reasons why I wasn’t pissed off or disappointed with the minor glitches we had during the day. For the sake of those interested, I’ll just outline the events of that day as I remember them…

First off, the P&V and HAMU teams arrived first before the OTD team did. Supposedly, the coords are the ones who’ll be meeting them and helping them out with what they needed. Good thing I woke up and took a bath early cause I ended up meeting those two suppliers… in my bathrobe! (something I found hilarious if you think about it) After leading those guys into the rental house, I just left them alone to do their thing (setups or whatnots) and I started preparing my stuff too (earrings, socks, etc). In fairness to them, their call time was 8AM and they did arrive at 8AM. It’s just that the P&V and HAMU teams arrived a lot earlier than they did… so I’m not sure if this is a point against our OTD or not.

I was starting with my breakfast (along with the MoH and the “bridal car driver”) when they arrived and I let them into the house first and started going around again to check if they needed anything from me. I wasn’t able to turnover the ceremony and reception containers right away because those were still in the pickup truck used by hubby’s dad which was still in their uncle’s house. So I had hubby call his dad to come ASAP so we can start moving forward. After the containers arrived and was turnovered to them, the ball started rolling faster. But the bride (ME!) haven’t finished breakfast yet… so before Kath ends up killing me, I went back to the dining area and finished my food. 🙂

When I got back to the house, they were all quite busy there. My mom was giving instructions to Kath and Patrick on how to transport and arrange the flowers inside the church. SUPER BIG thank you to Patrick and his companions for not only helping transport the flowers but also in assisting during the placement inside the church and reception area itself. I had two friends who were supposed to oversee the preps inside the church but they arrived late and wasn’t able to accompany them anymore. Still, they did an awesome job in prettying up the place with the flowers and hanging/fixing up the curtains for my “grand entrance” moment.

By 9:30AM I think I was still walking around and trying to see if our suppliers needed anything while Edz and Fidji was waiting for me. Kath had to stop me from doing that and instructed me to please have my hair and makeup done already so that Fidji can start taking my pictures. I was so hyper they commented that “Ikaw na ang bride na paikot-ikot, para kang trumpo! (You’re the bride who keeps on walking around, back and forth, you’re like a spinning top!)“. Ok fine… so I went up to my room and started packing my things. I noticed then that our schedules were posted inside our bedroom and I wasn’t running late yet.. I was just (almost) on time. 🙂

Lunch for that day was from Jollibee. I instructed my friends who had the money envelope to give Kath budget for that. Prior to buying, Anton was busy with the head count from the bride’s and groom’s house plus the total suppliers we need to feed too. I was thankful that they took the responsibility of going to Jollibee to get our food instead of having them delivered to Yellow Coco. I at least didn’t have to worry if the food will arrive on time and in one piece.

The coordinator assigned to me was Ms. Tess (see photo above) and I have to say she was very helpful indeed. From dressing me up and putting on my shoes, to assisting me with my things, to holding my skirt when I had to pee (yes, she was there inside the cubicle together with the MoH to help me out), to holding my skirt while walking, to fixing my hair when some of the pins started falling, to wiping my back when I started perspiring (them lights are real warm), up until I had my makeup retouch… she was beside me allllllll the time. I even thought to myself… so this is how it feels to have a personal alalay (assistant), I can get used to this. Heheheh…

During the ceremony proper, of course I didn’t notice anything anymore! Well fine, I noticed some things ok…

  • The curtains was made up differently from what my mom instructed. I was thinking that maybe they couldn’t execute it properly so they improvised instead. Still, what they did worked and I had no problems with it.
  • One of my friend who was an offeror told me that he was not given instructions on what he was supposed to do… the mass was about to start and the only thing he knew was that he’s supposed to be the “in kind” offeror. When the coordinator finally found him, that was the time he learned that he’s supposed to give cash.
  • The march started a bit late, but it was because one of the principal sponsors requested that we wait for them to arrive. I think they got caught in traffic. With this I was actually glad that they were flexible with the time since he was a family friend and we didn’t want him to miss the processional as well.
  • They had control of the whole picture taking process. It was what I called organized chaos since all we can really do was hope that our guests would participate and come forward when called. Also, once we’re done with the actual photo-op list,  Kath asked if there were additional group of guests I wanted to include and we decided to add more. Quite thoughtful of them I think.
  • Sadly, the butterflies we used during the couple’s exit did not turn out well. I learned that someone (I don’t know who) drizzled water directly on the butterflies which made their wings stick together and rendering them quite useless until they get dried up. So some fortunate butterflies got to fly but most just dropped like stones onto the ground. Poor things!!!

When we got to Sonya’s most of our guests are already there of course and we were ushered into the office for my retouch and our snacks. Anton came in and made some last minute confirmation on the program. I had to remove a speaker (principal sponsor who had to go home early so he wasn’t able to attend the reception) and I was glad he approached me cause I completely forgot about it already. Next, Patrick approached us to verify if we won’t be having wine during the toasting. Once again, thank goodness he asked cause the wine was apparently taken out of the reception box and transferred to the car of hubby’s brother. See, this is one of the good things about having professional assistance on your wedding day. The couple is bound to forget to turnover a lot of things and they are there to confirm/follow-up on those things.

Things I noticed during the reception are…

  • Menu cards were placed on top of each table. Assembled as instructed.
  • Program started promptly at 5:30PM. This was important for us cause we wanted to finish early so that our guests won’t have a hard time travelling back to Manila.
  • Pace of the program was just right.
  • Our instructions regarding order of pictorial and serving of food was followed. Each table was called according to the sequence we provided. While the photo-op was on going, food was being laid down on their respective tables.
  • They assisted us in re-positioning the couple’s couch when we noticed that the space provided for walking to the back area was too narrow.
  • Patrick was always mindful of helping me walk around since my skirt always gets in the way.
  • Cupcakes were not distributed to guests. We only had 50 pcs and those were supposed to be distributed to the members of the entourage. Although I think I wasn’t very clear with my instructions on this. What happened instead was before going home we instructed some of the guests to get a cupcake if they wanted to.
  • We finally had our butterfly moment. The butterflies inside the second cage were released during our first dance and, unlike when we exited the church, almost all flew (though I think some already died cause I saw some butterflies on the floor). We heard the collective show of appreciation from our guests when the butterflies started flying. *kilig*
  • Souvenirs were distributed after the reception while guests where going out. Since we had a lot of excess, I don’t think they had a problem with this one. Even if some of the guests would request for an additional souvenir it would’ve been ok.
  • All our containers (ceremony/reception/souvenir boxes) were all returned. They even included a checklist of the items inside the ceremony/reception boxes. Our items were properly placed inside and I didn’t have to worry that some might be damaged during transport.

All in all, I’d say they did an excellent job. It wasn’t perfect, but we didn’t mind. What was important for us was that there wasn’t any major glitch that day. We enjoyed the day, from the pre-wedding preps at Yellow Coco, to the ceremony at Chapel on the Hill, up till the reception at Sonya’s Garden… we didn’t feel any stress at all and we even had lots of laugh trip moments in between!

Thumbs up…

  • Delivered their services as promised… I was satisfied with how they handled the whole day. We didn’t have any major issues encountered (or at least none I was made aware of).
  • The team was very professional… but we didn’t feel like they’re uptight or anything. They dressed appropriately (absolutely no jeans) for the occasion. We seldom had to give instructions on what they should do. Any major questions/clarifications were raised and addressed right away. Small things like asking us if we wanted to include additional group of guests for the photo-op was pretty much appreciated. Kath was very much in-charge the whole time, Ms Tess was very helpful in everything, Patrick was very much a gentleman, Anton was a lively and funny emcee. Those are just the ones I’m familiar with. Despite some shortcomings, things turned out quite well and I’m very much thankful to the whole team.
  • No stress on our wedding day… as I side commented awhile back, if there was ever a major problem or issue I didn’t feel any of it. They didn’t give us any stress when it comes to delivering their services. Thank goodness for that!
  • Value for money… I personally think that for the amount we paid, their services was more than worth it!

Thumbs down…

  • Had a hard time communicating with them during the preps (prior to wedding day)… thus the 4 stars in the Customer Service criteria. Thankfully I’m not a bridezilla so I wasn’t all that panicky when I don’t get a reply from them right away. Still, it would’ve made my OC side a lot happier if they did. There are times I had to send an email twice cause they can’t find the first one I sent or I had to text a message twice cause they haven’t replied to my first text. Things like that might irritate some brides and I personally had to learn to extend my patience with them.

Damage on our pockets: Php 18,000 (OTD + emcee)



2 thoughts on “Supplier’s Review: The One Exclusive

  1. Hi i would like to know your review on emil? Thanks 🙂

    Posted by Hannah | September 12, 2013, 2:08 pm
  2. I personally cannot recommend Kath Enaje-Tizon from The One Exclusive. She is did not pay our company’s generator rental service for her event as agreed, last week.

    She “may” be okay with her clients, and I’m glad your event turned out well. But she schemes/tricks her fellow suppliers when there’s an opportunity. Another event supplier in the industry was also tricked by her during a different event.

    Actually we’re open to talk to her and settle this issue amicably. But she refuses to talk to us until now. I would just like to share our honest and truthful experience with her. Just a warning to those who may wish to work with her, especially to event suppliers.

    Posted by Stephanie Ferrer | July 22, 2014, 1:41 am

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